GE zigbee switch causing issues with motion sensor

So I just installed a Ge zigbee switch in a box with a unknown brand motion sensor light switch. Now the motion switch cycles on at random intervals.

could it be the radio in the zigbee switch??

Wife is not super happy and wants a solution. I can switch that to occupied mode and use it as a light switch and it will go out on its own that does seem to work. But she liked that light coming on with motion. just wondering if anyone else had seen this kind of issue.

If the unkown brand motion switch zigbee, z-wave or wifi? Does the motion switch turn both on and off randomly or only turn on or only turn off randomly? What I'm trying to understand is whether the problem is motion when there shouldn't be or no motion when there should be or both? If the light turns on at random times but then turns off the way it is supposed to, that wouldn't count as a random off. Only if you're actually in the room and there is motion and the light turns off would that be a miss-fired off.

Its a photo eye switch. No radio. No motion when it turns on. And it really doesn’t seem like random timing. It’s like a clock the photo eye light times out shuts off lights maybe 30 minutes later no motion and back on.

I have a spare photo eye I may just swap it and see if problem persists.

There is an indicator light on the GE switch. Could that be causing the photo eye to detect motion?

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It very well maybe that. There is a mirror across from switches.

Can that light be shut off

Tap the top rocker (ON) 3 times quickly and then tap the bottom rocker (OFF) once.

Edit - you can repeat the same process to turn the LED indicator back on if desired.

Thank you. Light is now off and has been confirmed to not be the issue.

I am like 99% sure its the radio. Last night I turned on a zigbee lamp in another room and at the same instant the PIR switch kicked on and those lights activated. To be clear none of these items are tied together in anyway other than the radios. and the motion switch is just a local PIR style switch.

does anyone make a smart switch with a motion sensor built in?

GE/Jasco do. I have dozens of them, They are zwave+ only though (no zigbee model). That's the only one I know of.

Does the motion work with HE? reading amazon reviews on that seems to be all over the place on functionality.

Zwave is fine. I just bought the one zigbee for a repeater any way.

Yes, all main functions work in HE (motion, on/off, dimming [if you get the dimmer model]). If you need access to more of the devices parameters there is also a user driver that exposes all parameters not exposed by the in-box driver.

I have them in (literally) every room of my house, and love them. If you have any other specific question, let me know.

That's good to know. I've been holding off on getting one of them, but could use one in my laundry area.

I ordered one today. so hopefully this weekend I can get that light back in service. the 5 year old is confused about why when he jumps up in down in front of light it doesn't come on now.

Got it installed. All is right with the world.

The Ge switch is pretty sweet. Need a few more now.

I did test out the dumb PIR switch on a bench functioned normal again. So the radio must be enough to make it not happy.