GE Z-Wave Plus Outlet Pairing issue

I'm hoping to do the same setup for my 3 car garage as this YouTube Video by TrialnError but having some issues. Here's my setup:

Trying to install one GE/Jasco Enerwave Outlet (14288) above each garage door opener.

I"m having two issues:

  1. 2nd one won't pair, tried inclusion and exclusion modes about 20 times. Any tricks to this? I've
    done a factory reset a well. Chrome browser. The 2nd outlet is further from the hub, about 10 feet from the first outlet that paired fine. 12 ft off the ground, hub is in basement, 25 feet away.
  2. On the hub side, I've paired the first one as a Generic Z-Wave smart switch. On the dashboard I'm using the template for Outlet, Options -> custom icon -> image is he_car1.
    When I open the outlet on the dashboard I get the state (on/off) but when I select the icon I get "sending..." status. Is this normal? I was expecting a much different experience where Hubitat's local control would give me instant status for on/off. What is this delayed "sending..." stuff?

Sounds like it might be weak signals or poor pairing.
Are the outlets mounted in metal back boxes ?
10-15 feet line of sight should be short range BUT perhaps there is interference or shielding that would is causing pairing issues.

Could you wire one of the outlets up to a power cord and test pairing it close to the HE hub ?
That way eliminating poor signal strength and showing you the nice fast response you should be getting. You could plug a hair dryer or lamp into the outlet, for testing the On/Off, in case you canโ€™t hear an internal relay โ€˜clickโ€™

Mounted in fiberglass boxes. It would be easier to bring the hub closer than disconnecting the box since it's on the ceiling. I would have expected the first outlet to act as a repeater and a strong signal for the second outlet.

Ah, I no nothing about that device but the link you provided shows no indication that the device acts as a repeater !
Perhaps itโ€™s just a switched outlet ?
Even so if they about 20 ft away from the HE Hub in line of sight, I would expect them to connect.
Are they on the supported device list ?


Run z-wave repair. Then try pairing the second outlet again.

Any mains-powered Z-Wave device should act as a repeater, this being no exception. You can see in its Z-Wave conformance statement that it is not just a repeater but a beaming repeater, as has been required for any device certified in the last few years.

The advice above to run a Z-Wave repair can't hurt, though it's not clear it would help here either (should device you just added and presumably paired in-place need to update its neighbor table for a device you're about to add? I'm sure stranger things have happened). If you try pairing these near the hub and then move them out to their final location, I would definitely run a repair after that. But if a Z-Wave Plus (or Zigbee) device can't pair in-place, it's unlikely to function there, either. I don't suppose you're trying to pair it securely where it might need to be close to the hub? (You'd know; it's disabled by default for all but locks and garage door openers, and most Z-Wave devices have different procedures for putting themselves into secure pairing mode.)

I'm guessing the Dashboard tile is waiting to hear back from the outlet that the command was actually received. I don't know how long this normally takes for Z-Wave, but in my experience Zigbee is usually a bit faster (even moreso if you did pair it securely, perhaps not a bad idea given its function)--not much to do with Hubitat in either case, aside from not needing to execute the driver in the cloud like ST would need to for some. I assume you're using the LAN Dashboard and not the cloud Dashboard? Cloud will take a few seconds (your refresh interval) to update, but LAN should update nearly instantly (after the device itself) if connected via websockets (also the default).

Pairing in place for locks works fine when a z-wave repair is done after adding new range extenders.

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Try doing exclusion about 3โ€™ from the hub. It helped me numerous times when I had installation issues.

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I recently posted a note about being successful excluding a GE Z-Wave switch. I had to take it out of the wall in our bedroom; connect line and neutral to a plug; plug it in in the same room as running the exclusion The log showed successful exclusion.

I then wired it back up in the bedroom, and ran the inclusion. Everything worked just as it should.

I was also able to exclude in place the locks that was not anyway possible prior to the 4 range extender additions.

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