GE Z-Wave Plus 40-Amp Indoor/Outdoor Metal Box Smart Switch,

Hi anyone using this smart switch to control devices such as water heaters?

I use the GE Enbrighten 14285, 40A switch for my pool pump. Works like a champ.

Hi do you use it with Hubitat? What driver do you use?

Thanks for your help

Yep, I use Hubitat as my off/on timer and also for filter loading. I'll have to check the specific driver when I get home from work and get back to you. The driver reports power usage which I use to know when the filter needs cleaning (when power goes over xxxW then I need to clean the filter).

I use the Aeotec heavy duty switch. ZW078. Works great.

I'm using the 'Z-Wave Metering Switch' driver. In all honesty I have not tried any others to see if another one has more features, etc since this one worked reliably and was all I needed.

Thanks . Appreciate your help

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I’m reading this thread and I didn’t see an answer to the question (unless I over read it which is very possible). I also have a GE Direct Wire Indoor/outdoor smart switch for my pool pump. I don’t see a specific driver for this device. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

It was mentioned above, and I use the same one for my pool pump; "Zwave Metering Switch". It's not a built in driver, it's port from Smartthings.

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