GE Z wave + devices on sale at Lowes

Not sure if it is just locally or not but our local Lowes has GE Z-wave outlets and switches on sale.

Just wanted to share in case anyone is interested and your local Lowes may have them on sale as well.

GE Outlets $11.00

GE paddle switches - $8.00

GE normal switches with dimmer capabilities for $15.00

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You must have gotten lucky locally... I'm not seeing these prices on the web?

Yeah I checked the web as well and didn't see the same prices reflected as I wanted more outlets was only able to score two of those unfortunately. Could use 20

Well I take that back looks like some of them are reflected now for my local store. They wasn't the other day when I bought them though.


GE Z-Wave Plus White 15-Amp Decorator Tamper Resistant Residential Outlet

$11.00 $21.99SAVE 50% thru 10/21/2019



GE Z-Wave Plus 3-speed 2.5-Amp Wireless White/Almond Indoor Rocker Fan Control

$9.00 $18.00SAVE 50% thru 10/21/2019



GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus 15-Amp 3-Way White/Light Almond Master Dimmer LED Dimmer

$9.00 $18.00SAVE 50% thru 10/21/2019

Odd though not all the sale prices are reflected for all the devices. Anyway if store to store shipping is a possibility the store is in Wise County VA, 24293 zip code.

Nice!! Looks like the previous gen of the light switches, but at those prices if your electrical box is big enough, it's a no brainer! They're showing for $45 in the Chicagoland area.

This is my own speculation but I hat I believe is happening is certain Lowe’s stores are discontinuing their GE HA items. I have one store locally where I got a few items on clearance and noticed they no longer have a section for the GE stuff. While other stores still have them at full price. Probably depends on past sales.

Ok cool I wanted to make everyone aware since it is such a good deal!

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None here at my Lowes. The home automation stuff on their shelves was barren.

That sucks hope I didn't get everyone's hopes up. I just know home automation is costly and wanted to share so others could possibly get in on some good deals.

pretty sure mine is dumping them. They pulled them all off the shelves and have them sitting up pretty much not accessible on high shelf. they had a few on clearance. Kinda hoping the move the rest back to the outlet section.

Oh wow I would ask them what they plan to do with them. I have two dimmer switches and an outlet for our coffee pot installed for the last several months and I'm happy with there performance. After finding them on sale here soon I will have a lot more installed of course.

Check some of the endcaps. My Lowes eliminated their home automation section (except Lutron), and the GE stuff was all tucked down in one of those discount endcaps. Given the amount of dust that was on them when I bought a few over the last year or so, it doesn't surprise me that they ditched them.


Yes this. That is where I found the items on clearance in the one store that had items on sale - I live in their HQ area so I have many stores near me. And if you see them in one end cap, look at other end cap clearance sections too because I found them in multiple scattered between the isles in the middle/back of the store. Other stores still have them at full price and appear to be keeping the HA section.

I look on line and my Lowe's had them for 44.00 but I when to the store after that and I found them on a clearance shelf for 16.00 for a Switch Zwave plus. There was nothing over 17.00 at the store on the Z-wave Plus items and the WI-FI switch etc were even cheaper. I would go look and see can't trust their website.

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What area of the country are you located?

I live in West Virginia.

$45 in PA

$45 in CT

If anyone is interested on the Lowe's Site in Summersville, WV they have shipping available on the Z wave plus products and have them listed with the sell prices?

One of the things to try is to create a "My Lowes" account on their website then "Change your store" to one that has these stores where the items are specially priced. Then try purchasing and have them shipped.

I routinely do this on larger $$$ purchase items to areas around me with much cheaper sales tax rates and it works for that often saving $30-80 dollars in tax. It may/may not work for store specific product pricing just check your cart before you buy to see if it works.