Ge wifi outlets

Has anyone done an integration for the outdoor ge wifi outlets or is the API closed for both cloud and local? I know I could probably just run it through alexa and then virtual switch it on hubitat

This one

I don't really see the point of that device, since you can't close the covers when something is plugged in, so as you have to unplug and take everything in anyway when it rains, you might as well be using a normal smart extension and take that in too.

@Inge_Jones They're specifically designed for all weather outdoors. Won't electrocute in the rain or snow... built in gcfi or breaker will go off first. In the us most outdoor lights aren't even grounded and exposed to the elements


I agree with @Inge_Jones. It seems one would be better off with something more weathertite. From what I see in the link there is nothing to protect the contact points from driving rain. I also notice they don't show two plugs one above the other which would seem to be even more exposed. Also they obviously did not state the length of its AC cord in the sell sheet.
And oddly enough, I didn't see a UL approval claim in the specs. Didn't download the manual.

most outdoor lights aren't even grounded.

I agree most outdoor lights do not have a safety ground (the 3th roundish contact), however all outdoor lights are grounded. In the USA and UK one of the "power" wires is connected to ground at the breaker panel.

I just happened by a bin in Home Depot yesterday that showed a clam shell type device that would cover a the plug/socket of two extension cord with what appeared to be weathertite seals. I didn't look close but for outside lights running on full A/C I would look at these first and control then with something in a protected location.

This post may seem a bit long for an off hand opinion. I'm really not militant about not liking this product its just when I start typing I start thinking :slight_smile:

Most outdoor outlets aren't protected from driving rain, not even the Lutron one...I've had this in a box since last year (Picked it up for $3.99 on clearance at Home Depot) Like I said I could run it from Alexa and a virtual switch but was wondering if there was an API

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