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Good Afternoon,

I recently purchased the Hubitat as I want to keep my smart devices inside. As my first smart purchase, I bought the GE MyTouchSmart Plug-In WiFi Smart Switch. Sadly, the documentation doesn't describe what technology it uses (Zigbee, Z-Wave, etc). To add the devices, the myTouchsmart app connected to Wifi is how you add the switch to the app.

Basically, I am looking for guidance on how this device can be added to Hubitat without the need of the vendor app.

Any help is appreciated.


This switch, as the name suggests, is Wi-Fi, not Z-Wave or Zigbee. As you may be aware, Z-Wave or Zigbee are the two protocols would be your best bet for natively integrating most devices (but especially switches, plugs, dimmers, etc.) into Hubitat. Wi-Fi devices are the wild west, with many devices not working because manufacturers do not use an open/documented method of communications beyond the protocol (Wi-Fi) itself; they're often made to work only within the manufacturer's own app/system and have limited integration possibilities with others. Some Wi-Fi devices can work with Hubitat, but ones known to work will be on the compatible device list. If you don't see something there, a search of the Community forum would be a good idea, since there are more devices that (unofficially) work. In some cases, people have reverse-engineered communication of Wi-Fi devices that don't "officially" work or have managed to flash it with third-party firmware (e.g., Tasmota) whose behavior is documented. Either would allow unofficial integration with Hubitat. I don't believe anyone has managed to do either with this switch; a casual search I just did doesn't reveal any hope.

If you do want to use it, there is some hope: can you integrate it into IFTTT, Alexa, Google Home Assistant, or similar services for which Hubitat also has an integration? (GE's app that you have to use with this device likely would have an integration to one of those--I don't see any way around your wish not to use the vendor's app.) If so, you can set up an IFTTT applet, Alexa routine, or similar to control a "virtual" on Hubitat based on the "real" device through one of those services. This has significant disadvantages: reliance on the cloud (two cloud services: Hubitat's and IFTTT's/Amazon's/Google's), extra work to set up, no good way to get feedback between the two to tell if your commands from Hubitat actually succeeded, and more of a delay (cloud) than you'd see with an all-local solution like Z-Wave or Zigbee (or even a supported Wi-Fi device).

It appears you're new to Hubitat, so my advice would be to begin by choosing devices from the compatible device list, above (hint: you can sort on any column to group plugs/outlets together). For smart plugs, there are many known to work well; I can give specific recommendations (Zooz are usually cheap, often on sale, and work well--but they are Z-Wave and you'll likely want some Zigbee repeaters too if you use both protocols), but generally speaking, most Z-Wave or Zigbee outlets/plugs should work--but to be sure, check the list or search the Community to see if anyone has had any success.

Good luck!

Thank you. Your advice is well noted and will be taken.

Much appreciated!


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