Ge smart plug in switch

not working correctly cannot control the light on/off based on the setting.. only comes on when switch on.. this with the latest .148 fw and the generic zwave smart switch device handler.

This is the plug in enbrighten zwave plus smart switch..
Also tried the ge enbrighten smart swith driver it does turn on/off but doesnt show status change and light still doesnt work.
I think that driver is for the screw in wall switches anyway no the plug in switches.. Anyone care to confirm.

maybe these switches cannot turn on/off the light.. not sure.

disconnect the plug in switch, z-wave exclude, the reinclude it next to the Hubitat, see if it behaves. If it does it's a mesh issue. Did you check compatible devices wiki for Hubitat to see if it's a supported device? which I believe it is

it was already included right next to the hub.. its not a mesh issue. just cannot control the light..

also i tested the other 2 i have again.. the light only comes on when on.. cannot control it for on when off etc.. Im beginning to think this switch does not have that capability since it is not a wall switch.

Wait a sec....are you talking about the LED on the plug in outlet, or the attached device...lamp or whatever?

I think the former. You're trying to change it so the LED behaves differently from default?

If that's what you're trying to do, quickly press the button on the unit 10 times, that's supposed to invert the behavior according to the documentation I found on the Jasco site for the Honeywell labeled version.

I wasn't able to find a zwave plus enbrighten plugin switched outlet. Zigbee, yup. Zwave plus...not so much. But to be fair, I only looked for a brief moment!


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