GE Smart Dimmer 26933 as motion sensor

I just bought 2 of these and have found that I have no neutral wire at the boxes I want to install them in. I will set them aside until I pull neutral wires to the boxes but want to ascertain something. I am under the impression that these can be used as motion sensors when my security system is armed as well as occupancy sensors for turning my lights off. Am I correct? If not I need to return them and get my $ back.

They show up as both motion sensors and dimmers in Hubitat. So anything you can use a motion sensor for in Hubitat, you can use these for.

I can't answer the "security system" part of that without more details though. If your security system is integrated with Hubitat and can use Hubitat sensors, then yes... If the security system is something standalone / external, then probably not?

I meant when I arm my system using HE. Everything is through HE. So I can use it to turn my lights on based on occupancy while at home and use it to trigger an alarm when I am not? Sorry, gotta ask so I can be certain.

You can do this yes, but you wouldn't need to use the "occupancy/vacancy" functions of the device. Just tell Hubitat Safety Monitor to use that motion sensor along with all your other motion sensors to trigger an alarm when in armed mode. If you're utilizing the occupancy mode, then it will also turn on the lights, but you'll want that anyway if there's a burglar in your house.

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Right. Lots of options here, but since it shows up as a regular motion sensor (as well as controlling the lights if you want it to) it can do anything in HSM or an RM rule that any other motion detector in Hubitat can do.

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