GE Motion Sensor

Parameter 24 is for Temp/Lux, not motion.

Played a bit with this on batteries but nothing seemed to change parameter 18, the 4 min. motion reset.


I'll have to dig it out and try again with your latest driver.
Thanks Lewis.

24 = 0x18

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Referencing the driver "preferences" titles:

I did some digging into this and the parameter 18 resets to 4 minutes after 10 minutes if you set it to 255. 255 is used as a test mode. I just edited the driver to only take 1 through 60 and cleaned up parameter 24 description text.

I added back test mode using 0 it will change it to 255 on the backend.

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I updated and saved it. I do not see a configure option (I do when I use the generic zwave motion driver).

Both of my devices do not register motion when I use the driver.

lewis.heidrickKing for a day!


And you hit the configure button after updating the driver correct?

Actually it runs configure when you update something and hit save. I was talking about some button on the sensor. Apparently there's a button somewhere you have to press sometimes to get it to take the changes. I don't have one of these sensors so it's hard to troubleshoot where the problem is.

I see. I did press the program button after updating the driver and resaving in the device (I picked a different then webt back to yours).

Still isn't registering any motion.

Version updated. It should properly register changes now. Big thanks to @thebearmay for sending me a sensor to get things fixed.

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Added it to hpm for the convenience.


That worked!

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@lewis.heidrick first thank you very much for porting and maintain this driver as I own two of the GE portable motion sensors on HE.

I just updated my driver to the latest Feb 2020 one you posted above. After switching the driver and hitting save I hit configure and save preferences. However the motion sensors are still stuck on 5 mins to return to inactive after motion is detected. Any tips to get them to the new 1 minute default in the new driver?

Try pushing the button once on the sensor and then clicking configure again. I should create a thread for this driver so I can track issues.

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Created a thread for the driver I am maintaining.



I am new to using Hubitat, and I am still learning how to do things.

I see that you have developed a drive for the GE ZW6302, which is not included in the normal installation. Then I found that when I copy your link and add the Drivers Code, everything is perfect, and the GE Portable Smart Motion Sensor appears in this section.

Now how effectively I can use your drive? When I go again to Device > Add Device, I enter the GE list, the old one is still there. Where do I have to go to get it to add with your drive?

Sorry for the perhaps basic question for you, but it really is a beginner's issue.

User (Community Developed) drivers will be at the bottom of the list after the built in drivers.


Perfect, thank you very much and sorry for such a basic question!

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No need to be sorry, we've all asked that question at some point.


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