GE/Jasco ZWave Switch 12722


There seems to be an issue with the state of the switch relative to the Button Controller’s idea about the state. When I create a toggle button automation, the state of the switch can go out of sync with the button controller if I change the switch state using the switch and then press the button. If I only use the button, then the state doesn’t de-sync, but as soon as I alternate between the switch and button, then it de-syncs.

Also, the generic z-wave switch DH doesn’t seem to configure the GE/Jasco z-wave switch (12722) LED configuration. It would be great to have this work as I’ve got a mix of switches with the LED in configurations. Thanks.

the issue with not being able to change the led's was fixed and will be out in the next release.
the issue with physical events not registering for this specific device cannot be fixed in the driver.
This is a limitation of this specific switch, and perhaps several others born of this era.

The thread discussing this device limitation is here:

That would be problematic as I would like to use the button and switch to control lighting. It’s annoying having to double-press the button if I initially controlled the lighting using the switch.

I’m not sure if I’m having issues with the events not registering, but I did not have this issue with ST, using Advanced Button Controller to toggle the switch. ABC read the switch state and set the state to the opposite. The default button controller on ST has the same problem as Button Controller on Hubitat. Strangely, ABC on Hubitat does not seem to work properly either.

Can this be fixed in Button Controller for the toggle action by reading the target state and doing a conditional action rather than using the built-in toggle capability?

That’s how ABC was able to work on ST:

def toggle(devices) {
log.debug “Toggling: $devices”
if (devices*.currentValue(‘switch’).contains(‘on’)) {
else if (devices*.currentValue(‘switch’).contains(‘off’)) {
else if (devices*.currentValue(‘alarm’).contains(‘off’)) {
else {

BTW. is the event issue with the Z-Wave switch or is it also in the Z-Wave+ version, which is what I have?

You can setup a poll automation for every 10 seconds or so if you aren’t likely to use the toggle and then the switch within that time frame. That’s the workaround that several people are employing. Smartthings just spams poll to all devices to get around devices not pushing state changes.

I believe the next update will single out devices that require polling by removing the command from devices that don’t… So you won’t poll devices unnecessarily.

Bummer. I guess I can just keep the devices on ST. Hopefully a more event-driven fix will be found for this issue. Thanks!

It’s a device problem. They don’t report local device changes. SmartThings polls. If you want updates on Hubitat, poll it. It’s not a driver issue.

The reason why Hubitat doesn’t use the brute force poll all method is because it causes automation lag. Set a poll specific to your needs.

Actually, my GE switch, which is the Z-Wave+ version, seems to get all the physical events. I’m looking at my logs and it’s showing up as I manipulate the switch. I don’t know what the behavior of the older non Z-Wave+ devices are, but at least on mine, it seems to be working as it should. So I do think this issue can be fixed at some level, whether it’s at the device driver or just at the app. The point isn’t to say fix it at the driver. My point is that hopefully, this issue can be fixed without requiring polling, if it’s not a device issue such as this Z-Wave+ version.

Interesting. If you have it connected to Hubitat, and you physically switch it, do you instantly get an update in the realtime log? If it’s a pushed update, you should.

If you aren’t getting that log update (or you’re getting an error code instead) then the driver isn’t receiving the command properly. If you ARE, and it’s not getting picked up by the button controller, then it’s probably a bug somewhere.

Yes, it seems to be in real-time. I can see the device state change pretty quickly and the logs show physical events.

switch off Switch Master Table was turned off DEVICE physical 03/31/2018 1:00 PM
switch on Switch Master Table was turned on DEVICE physical 03/31/2018 1:00 PM
switch off Switch Master Table was turned off DEVICE physical 03/31/2018 12:56 PM
switch on Switch Master Table was turned on DEVICE physical 03/31/2018 12:55 PM

app:1312018-03-31 13:25:08.733:debugPushing switch off to Switch Master Table(0B) Response: 200

app:1312018-03-31 13:25:06.952:debugPushing switch on to Switch Master Table(0B) Response: 200

dev:1652018-03-31 13:25:06.694:infoSwitch Master Table was turned off [physical]

dev:1652018-03-31 13:25:04.436:infoSwitch Master Table was turned on [physical]

The button/switch sync issue may be something else, because even in ST, it behaved the same way (using switch, then button did not indicate toggle state synchronization). As I mentioned, ABC worked on ST, I’m assuming because it read the switch state rather than issuing a toggle command (is there such a command?).

So my issue may be different than the event issue. I can try adding the polling and see if that helps.

There definitely isn’t a “toggle” command directly for switches. It’s done in software. I can confirm that the toggle function does work correctly with Caseta dimmers/nanos and my nanoleaf led panels, but I don’t have any zwave switches to test it on.

I may have cried wolf. I just paired my problem switch and button and it’s working fine now. I was running into the issue with 704 and 705, but I just now tested with 706 and it seems to be working fine. Either that, or it really is an intermittent issue. Going to try my other switch/button pairs to see if they work as well. This will be good news if they do work.

FYI. The Zwave Plus version of the switches report state events and do not have this issue (I guess they learned their lesson and paid Lutron for the the patent). This issue is only present in some non plus GE switches. I have one of each. The plus version reports fine. The non plus version is in a box and will probably get moved into my garage since I don’t need regular state updates there.

Thanks for the confirmation. I think my issue is with the GE non-Plus switch. I thought all my switches were Plus, but I don’t think they are. Now I need to replace them.

Our just move them to infrequently used locations (garage etc) and poll them for state changes. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ll end up putting these non Plus devices where I don’t need the events since I can’t return them anymore.