GE/Jasco Z wave plus outlets at Lowes

Just stopped by my local lowes in washington state and found the GE/Jasco Z wave plus outlets on clearance for 10 bucks. Might check around if anyone is looking for these!


Coincidentally I was working on a project and needed two of these... Went to my local Lowes to discover they didn't have any on the shelf. I was told the store is no longer going to carry this brand.

I did find two at another store, but a search on Amazon revealed none as well... Did GE stop making them or is something else going on?

They are clearing out old inventory. Whether it is to make room for new models, or just permanently removing, I don't know.

I do know that Jasco's zwave 700 stuff is starting to trickle out, though, so I tend to think they are making room for new models.

Living near Lowes HQ many stores around here (have a ton) seem to be removing GE devices. They used to be near the other light switches like Lutron but with removal of Iris section they are harder to find, if stocked, by the gang boxes on the isle behind switches. Inventory at these stores has been dwindling unfortunately. is a great site to check Lowes inventory in your area and pricing since that varies by store.

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