GE/Jasco Z-wave device drivers

I have several of the original generation GE/Jasco Z-Wave in-wall Switches and Dimmer modules. When those were included into the Hubitat C-5 Hub, the Generic Z-Wave Dimmer or Switch device type and driver were used.

I just installed a couple of the latest generation GE Enbrighten by Jasco dimmers into my system. I notice that these use the GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Smart Dimmer type and driver. I notice that these are much smoother in their dimmer operations than the older units.

My question is, Can the older units use the newer drivers? Is there anything to be gained?

The dimming operation (and other feature differences) is controlled by the firmware and hardware on the device, not the driver, so, unfortunately, i don't think there is anything to be gained here.

I have some of the older GE/Jasco switches at my mom's house (Lowes Clearance). I just put in a on of the new GE/Enbrighten dimmers at her location and used the new driver for that. The only way I know about working with the dimming though the older switches is through parameter settings.

I used the Basic Z-Wave Tool device driver for the dimmer, played around with the dimming settings and then put the generic Z-Wave Dimmer Switch driver back.

I kept an older screen shot from the Jasco site. The link I had is no longer working but here is the reference I used:

Depends what you mean by "older" in terms of specific makes/modes. But in general the answer is no.

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