GE Jasco switches not responding to dashboard commands


Have you tried clicking the configure button on the device detail page? I assume so, but thought I would ask.


I didn’t try that. I will try tomorrow. What does that do?


It differs depending on the driver, but one common thing it does on most zwave devices is setup associations/reporting back to the hub.

It won't hurt anything to click it, but it may not fix anything either. But the symptoms you describe make it sound like the device isn't sending reports to the hub, so it is worth a shot.


I’ll give it a shot when I get a chance and reply to this thread with results.


I hit configure on each of the switches in "Devices". I also have the Z-Wave Poller app running. It seems that polling fails half the time for 3 of the switches and fails almost all the time for 1 of the switches.


You zwave network may be bogged down, or low signal strength.

If you poll LESS often and the errors stop/go down it is likely one or both of the above.


I don’t have control over the polling frequency. I’m using the Z-Wave poller app. Also, I only have 4 Z-Wave items. They are all the GE Jasco switches. Two of them are about 15 feet from the HE hub (through a wall). A third one is 10 feet from one of those 2. These 3 are all line of site of each other with no walls between them. The fourth is about 30 feet away from the hub and less than 15 feet from one of the other switches. The wink had no trouble at all reporting their status. I got rid of the wink because it kept losing connection with the wink servers. I’m really not sure what to do to improve the situation. I’m planning on buying more switches over time but I’d really like to understand how to fix this first. Or if it is impossible to fix, I’d like to understand why. Is it because they are not Z-Wave Plus?


Don't know why they are being sporadic on polling... It certainly sounds like they are close enough. I have exactly zero standard zwave devices, so I'll have to defer to someone else that uses HE with standard zwave to help you along.

But to answer the very last part - yes, you are going througfh all of this because they are not ZWave Plus. Standard Zwave devices can not automatically report status, so have to be polled.

ZWave Plus devices automatically report status back to the hub when they change (no polling necessary), so they are current in the hub at all times (usually. :smile:).


I remember very early on with Wink there was a similar problem with Zwave devices (non Plus) and they added polling. The problem with polling is it adds lots of traffic to the Zwave network. I only have one non Plus Zwave switches left and have moved it to an outbuilding where I don't care much about immediate feedback.


As I get more switches, I’ll have to move these non plus switches to places where status and dashboard control doesn’t matter. :flushed:


One other thought- do I need to worry about where these non-plus switches are in my Z-Wave mesh? Will the Z-Wave plus device Status be properly relayed through a non-plus device? Will the mesh be smart enough to route messages around these older devices?