GE/Jasco switch bounce

Hey all,

I just got up and running with 1 Iris contact sensor and 1 GE/Jasco paddle switch.

Create both a RM rule and a Simple Lighting Rule to turn on the light when contact opens, turn off when contact is closed... pretty simple

Results are the same for both rules

Open door, light turns on (perfect) close the door and the light goes out and immediately back on, not so good
I'm using the Generic Z-Wave Switch, hub is v702

Here is the log

Any help would be great
Thanks in advance

Try setting a delay on the door close? Maybe you’re getting a stutter on the contact close that’s activating the open rule again.

Thanks olderstone, i’ll give that a try

I have checked the contact sensor to ensure it’s not bouncing from being mis-aligned or the door not coming closed on first try but so far, no luck


What do the Events of the Contact Sensor look like?

What about the events for the iris contact sensor? Does the number of open/close events during a period match the number of light switch on/off events?

I agree with @oldernstone’s suggestion that it may be contact “stutter” as he calls it.

The previous log was from last night, here are both logs from today, no they don't seem to line up

Any idea why my log times are 6 hours off? Location is properly set to zip code and timezone


Without millisecond accuracy on the timestamps, it’s hard to know, but it seems either the open/closed events are opposite of what they should be, or the last close event is missed in a series of opening and closing the door during one period of time.

EDIT: try turning on logging for the contact sensor and have a look at that too. Also, if you have a laptop or tablet, try opening/closing the sensor while watching the Device Details for the contact, to see if any events are getting missed / doubled.

Did you try clicking “update” in the location setting just to make sure it’s locked in? There was an issue with the transition to daylight savings which required this to be done. Other than that, no idea why times would be that far off.

Yes, several times, still off by 6 hours

Regarding the bounce, it is in fact registering twice. I was able to see it from inside the closet. When the contact is about an inch away, it triggers, then when the door goes fully closed, the contact triggers again. Whew, glad we got that out of the way. Now, why is this happening.

This contact sensor came from ST, has been in use in the same location doing the same thing for over a year

Thanks, Rick

Update location and reboot? Your time might be displaying GMT.

If you can believe it, the lag that comes from ST cloud-executed code may have been covering up that extra trigger of the contact sensor as the door closes. In any event, re-posititioning one side of the contact may help get rid of that extra trigger.

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LOL, yes that did cross my mind. The trigger now with local processing is virtually instant, which is way cool

I was able to move the magnet away about 1/2 inch and seem to have resolved the double tripping

What’s weird is I have never seen this double trip before with the several that I have and some for over 2 years. Oh well, live and learn

PS, log times fixed with the hub reboot

Thanks everyone for the help

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