Ge jasco support

switch died.. physical switch..
latest gen quickfit smart dimmer 3 months old..

air gap did not fix it nor did temporarly disconnection power and reconnecting,.

no blue light..

interestingly enough the zwave radio still worked (opposite of what i normaly have seen)

anyway i had a spare .. working fine..

tried to call for warranty repair after being on hold for over 1/2 hour was hung up on.. Called back waiting another 15.. no one picked up..

I just had several replaced and was told they've extended the warranty out to 5 years with proof of purchase.

good but i have to get ahold of them.. have amazon recept. but there is a limit to how many calls and how long i will wait on hold for a 38.00 device..

i have tried the online form now.. no response via email.. will see if it works.

Yeah, I've replied to case emails they sent me and never responded.

I know what you mean, this stuff should be easy and quick. No need to make it hard for customers.

Luckily I've only had one switch fail and it was the secondary in a 3-way, so didn't even bother to see if it was still under warranty (installed it > five years ago).

finally got through immediately without transfer on 4th call. They would not honor the warranty by the form.. said i had to call. suboptimal

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Just to confirm - now that you've called they are honoring the warranty, right?

Wasn't sure what you meant by below:

i filled out the online form for support and warranty bcasue they wouldnt answer the phone,, and they basically replied i had to call.. as i said a pain in the butt


Thanks for confirming...Not customer-friendly at all. You should be able to provide a receipt and request and it should be taken care of. Just had a warranty repair w/Breville of my espresso maker and all it took was a couple emails and they authorized the repair.

So far, I have replaced 2 Jasco switches and looks like I have 3 more to replace. They just seem to die. At first I thought it was bad power, or lightning that killed the first two. Then a third just stopped working. Now I have fourth and fifth. The first pair are at another physical residence so it isn't just one location. The remote location is still using a Smarthings hub, locally I am using a HE.

Anybody have thoughts on this?

sounds bad i've only had a couple die.. in a few years.. what models

Well, here is a kicker. Today being Sunday, I ran to Lowes to see what replacements were available. Nothing that matches my GE 46202 Toggle units. (These were installed a few years ago and I went with toggles to match the other switches.) Loews had Eaton paddle switches. I bought three to fill the box. Got home, HE not working so it was rebooted. I checked the dead switch again and decided to remove it from the system before physically removing it. In doing so, I checked the patio light that has not worked for a few months. According to the dash and log, it just activated. Hmm... Stepped outside to check, sure enough.. it is working.

Back to the entry hall dead switch. When removing the gang of three switches, the neutral jumper popped loose on one that was working. Just to test things, I hold it to a neutral screw toggle the switch and bingo, the dead switch is now alive and working! So, how does a neutral wire sit for at least 4 years then decide to pop loose?

So, two of my thought to be dead GE switches are working again. And, I have 3 Eaton paddle switches for the next project.



I have well over 100 jasco switches/dimmers between my main and vacation house.

Before moving into my current house I have had only 1 of >100 fail. Since moving into this new house I've lost 6-10 in 12 months (some old, some new) all during bad weather.

In my vacation house I've lost 0, ever - all are 3+ years old.

I strongly believe power quality has a lot to do with them dying - either surges or brownouts.

I will say that (so far) I have not lost any of the new style switches/dimmers (quickfit / slim mount), or any of the Motion Dimmer/Switches. It is always the older 14291/14294 switches/dimmers I keep losing.

If you do have a switch that is really down, I just got one that did die replaced and it was a painless, excellent experience.

Warranty is five years, you need to have your receipt (mine was purchased on Amazon so no issue).

ya frick the power outages did fry one of my jasco outlets. it is the newer quickfit zwave plus.. cannot find receipt unless it is the honeywell unit that comes saying ge?

So, after finding a loose neutral, I buttoned it all back up only to find the offending switch will not work! I suppose it is bad.
Will proceed with original plan to change out all in the gang box later this week when my wife isn't working in her home office as the breaker controls it too.

That holds me up constantly too... My wife is in the office a lot so finding a time when I can take things down is challenging...

We had a power outage a few weeks ago, apparently it took out one of my GE switches, it was a z-wave plus. I called them up and literally within 10 seconds he said, let me send you a new one

No questions asked other than can you send me a pic of the device, you bet

I said, is there any chance it just needs to be reset, he said no, if the blue light is blinking, it's dead

5 mins later I was done with the call and a new switch is in route



They recently sent me 5 replacement switches, but I did have to send the old ones in first. All of them had a date code of 2017.

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were they all bad or ???

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