GE/Jasco refreshed zigbee lineup coming

You can buy the one from Sinope:


Correction, you can PREORDER one from Sinope...
"Pre order Now and you will receive a notification as soon as it's available so you can finalize your order"

Hopefully Jasco does a better job on the firmware than they did their previous zigbee devices.

Also, it would be nice if they would make a zigbee 3.0 version of their motion switch/dimmers someday...

Im still looking for the product that is a GE/Jasco style decora paddle zigbee buttons/scene-controller only, to control my smart lights. Yes, I could probably use the full dimmer with no load attached, but surely without the actual dimmer hardware it would be a cheaper and lighter product. And for 3- or 4- way setups, no brainer. For now im using zooz, but why oh why cant they use the same color plastic and switch/spring feel as GE/Jasco?

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It's very difficult to screw up a switch...


That outlet is nice, but dam, 50 bucks !! Too rich for my blood. I'd say 30-35 is more fair, especially since it's zigbee

Don't forget, that $50 Canadian!
(A red coloured bill...)

And of course I just put in about 5 Z-wave outlets over Christmas.... Arggggg....

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Or maybe I should say, I would like it if they made a zigbee version (any flavor, doesn't have to be 3.0) of their motion dimmer/switches.

Why past that? Because I like the integrated device and having mains powered motion sensors all over, and integrated with my wall switches.

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You really want to have a button controller with only two buttons? That's an awfully lot of wasted real estate. Take a look at the ERIA or RGBGenie decorrator compatible button controllers. I think the ERIA is the closest you're going to find for a simple button controller.

I meant zigbee 3.0 over ZHA 1.2...

Gotcha. Nope - no reason. Can't see how zigbee 3 would have any real advantages over HA 1.2 for that type of device.

Sorry I wasn't clear originally! It was really an unrelated after thought. :slight_smile:

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Anyone have an idea of when these new Zigbee 3.0 switches / outlets will be available for purchase? I keep searching on amazon and other retailers and find nothing. I had read an article that said February but that was obviously not the case...

In the image above I also see Jasco's occupancy dimmer/switch. I wonder if those are also going to come out with Zigbee 3.0 (I have the Zwave versions).

They have not come out yet. But they must be getting close because all of the existing models are on deep price-cut on the jasco website. The plug-in zigbee dimmer is only $25.

I noticed... hopefully they don't have massive stock to get rid of.

Just ordered four new ZigBee Jasco in-wall outlets. We shall see!


Finally in stock!

I just ordered an outdoor outlet from Amazon. These are one of the last items keeping me from disabling my zwave radio.

The whole line appears to be available. Just hit the "style" option to see other Enbrighen options.


Just got the outlets! Looking good:


Got my outdoor outlet today but can't install it since it's really storming outside today. I have to say I'm very surprised that it is as compact as it is. Really wish it had the right angle plug though. Its gonna be tricky getting this to fit nicely in the outdoor enclosure.

From left to right:
New GE zigbee , Ge zwave, Inovelli Dual zwave