GE Hinge pin works like a champ, then gets slow

Hi everyone, Santa brought me a Hubitat and I am migrating from my existing Vera Edge. In short everything has worked like a champ, and I really like what I am seeing in terms of the apps and your ability to build simple automations. I can do in 1 step what was 2 steps in many cases with Vera.

All devices were removed from the old network before it was disabled and the Vera is disabled. Roughly 35 zwave devices, and about 20 Hue nodes. All but 3 zwave are Jasco, mostly dimmers, Switches and Fan Controllers with a handful of outlets. Probably a 35% are Zwave plus, most are a little older. but less than 5 years.

My challenge is that I have a GE Hinge Pin Sensor that worked fine with my Vera and works fine for a while with my Hubitat, but for whatever reason, after about 4 hours, a simple app that turns on a pantry switch and outlet goes from being nearly instant to taking roughly about 8 seconds. Its pretty darn consistent.

Rebooting the hub does not help. I can remove the sensor, re-add it, rebuild my app and works like a champ, again for about 4-6 hours. Everything else remains blazing fast, I have a motion detector that is so much faster than my Vera that it startles me when it fires. Additionally, there is a second automation that just turns on and off the outlet from the switch. That works consistently throughout all of this.

Not a lot of info on the hinge pin in the forums, hoping you all can point me in the right direction. I have rebuilt the network a few times. Removed and re-added all 3 nodes, checked for ghosts. Starting to wonder if this is a known issue for the Sensor and maybe that is why there is not many post about it.

Really liking the hub otherwise, Hoping I can get this one issue ironed out.

If that is using a contact sensor driver, try switching to the Ring Alarm Contact Sensor Driver (the first one not the Gen2). There is a battery reporting issue that is known to cause a mesh slowdown (being addressed in the next update I believe).


Thanks for the quick response! Going to try now.

May want to hit Configure and wake it up once after changing the driver to make sure the changes β€œtake” in the device.

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I have one of these on my back door and one on my front door for well over a year. I use the driver called "Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor" never had any problems, although it has never reported battery level. Battery:1 is all it ever says. Also whenever the door is open/closed the logs show this:

No, big deal the device reports the open/close correctly and quickly, it would just be nice to get battery reporting.

Every z-wave device in my house is z-wave+ including the hinge pin sensors.

Be nice if there was a dedicated driver for these, as GE/Jasco products are widely available and used. @mike.maxwell

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I did a reboot before and after the change to the Ring sensor, working like a champ currently, but that is typical, Will report back in a few hours. Fingers crossed!

Thanks guys!

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I'm using one of these on a outside door for about a year as well. I'm using the "Generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor" driver and have no issues. Like most of the GE Z-Wave products it was a PITA to pair but works well. Reports battery level and is fast. After a year the battery is still at 53%

Welp, it's been a solid 24 hours, i am going to consider this solved. Thanks! Off to see what I can break next.

Btw jasco has them on sale currently on their site.

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I get the opposite issue from most of the people here ...I
ve tried the Generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor Driver and the "Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor" referenced above and the only thing that the sensor is reporting thus far is battery...No sensor Open/Closed status yet....any ideas?