GE GeoSpring hybrid water heater, possible integration?

I have an electric/heat pump hybrid water heater that’s also hooked up to a heat exchanger for my wood or oil burning heat system (hot water baseboard). Suffice to say, even just mechanically this house is a bit complicated. I call that room in the basement the “engine room” due to all the plumbing in there.

Anyway, the water heater I’d like to control along with existing automation I have on some bypass valves. It’d be great to also get some data out of the thing, if this beggar could be choosy :slight_smile:

Things I’d love to do: when it’s hot out, run only in heat pump mode (it works like an air conditioner for the basement). When the heat loop is hot, I’d want to disable the water heater as then all my water is heated by wood. And when it’s pretty dang cold in the house or basement, I’d like to run it in electric-only mode to keep from cooling the house down further. Additionally, within those different modes, I’d really like to control the setpoint as well (I.e. higher for heat pump only, lower for more energy consuming modes).

Has anybody run into one of these GeoSpring things?

I suppose I could simplify things to a more crude “bang bang” type of approach, and control power to the water heater itself, and push a button on the front of it a few times a year when changing modes for the season :grin: It’d just be nice to leverage the functionality that’s there, if only I could actually integrate it somehow.

I have one of those. I am able to control it via IFTTT. That required buying an extra part from GE that allowed the water heater to communicate with the internet. I'm not aware of a way to avoid going through IFTTT, but that is better than just controlling the power on and off.

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Nice! That’s something at least. What all are you able to control with it?

I know it can change the setpoint. I'm pretty sure it can also change the mode (heat pump only, electric, . . . ) although I don't do that.

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