GE Fan Control - Was able to adjust by % - Now only Steps

I'm transitioning from a Vera to Hubitat (so very happy!). I have a GE Ceiling Fan that I was previously able to set at a % (33% for example). In Hubitat I can only set it at Low-Med-High.

Is this something I can change in the device settings?

This will typically depend on how the driver was setup.

Is there a reason you would need % instead of low-med-high? Does the ceiling fan actually support smaller increments?

I have the same issue since I moved to Hubitat a couple of years ago. With my old Wink hub I could set to 25%, 50% etc. Now it's only low med and high with same switches.

Its doable in the driver to use percentages. I have a custom virtual driver that I use to share my fans to Homebridge, it does not like the built in drivers much. Homekit works better if you have the percentage it seems. I use the switch bindings app to mirror the real fan device to my virtual device. It is only setup to handle a fan with 3 speeds currently. Maybe this needs to be a project to support more options?

On my previous controller, I could set it at 33% which was just the right amount. Now it's either too low or too high...

In a 3 speed fan controller, Low = 33%, Medium = 66% and High = 99%. So if you are setting it to low that should be the same as 33%. Typically the fan controller itself cannot do any sort of incremental percentages, they will have 3-5 set spots where they can be set to. For example if it does offer up a percent, it will just round to the nearest increment and set the speed to low, med or high. The actual percent is typically irrelevant.

If you provide more specific details on the device model and driver you are using someone might have some more insight, without details though its just generalizations.

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Sorry for the delay in responding - work really gets in the way of important things like Home Automation.

The switch is a GE Embrighten Fan - when it was in use by the Vera controller it had:
Off > Low > Medium Low > Medium > Medium High > High
I could also tell Alex to set it at 33% and it was just right.

Now, when I try to set it at Medium Low on HE it only has three speeds: Low, Medium, and High. I still see all those speeds on the Dashboard but when I change it the fan adjusts to 25% or 50% or Full.

Thanks for any insights/recommendations.

I found a manual for it and it seems to only support Low, Med, and High


If the driver on HE is calling low 25%, then tell Alexa to set it to 25% and it will set it to low.
Despite the fact that Vera was giving you 5 speed options, the controller only supports 3, so Medium Low was either setting it to Low or Medium in reality.