GE Enbrighten ZWave Dimmer switch very slow since moving to C8 Pro

So I have been seeing something weird over the last few weeks since I replaced my C8 with a C8 pro.
My motion sensors seem to be very slow, I have a rule that says turn on the office lights if the sensor sees motion, it does, light comes on, etc. but then the automation doesn't run at all. sometimes up to 1-2 minutes later the light will come on.

Where can I begin to look for an issue?

It's going to be more helpful to anyone offering help if you state what kind (Zigbee, Z-Wave, or WiFi) motion sensor you own, what brand it is and what's the model number.

Additionally, are you watching the response on the drivers page, or looking at logs? How do you know it's the motion sensor that's slow, and not the lights or the automation that is connecting the two?

GE Enbrighten ZWave Dimmer switch, sorry I think its the light that is slow, the sensor is a misnomer.

I don't have this dimmer or many Z-Wave devices, but I modified your title to get the right eyes from the community on it.

In the meantime, did you already try repairing your Z-Wave network?

Noice! :slight_smile:

Rather than a full repair, might be best to start w/targeted repairs on the office light switch(es) first to see if that helps. Note that the results of repairs can take several days to appear...

@robert2 - can you provide a screen cap of the switch(es) that appear to be lagging, from the Z-Wave Details page, like below:

Also, if you turn the switch(es) on/off from their Device page, are they normally responsive, or also slow to react from that control?

Also...regarding below:

Just wanted to get confirmation that when you looked at your logs when you triggered motion that the motion sensors triggered normaly/fast but the light turned on after a delay.

When using the device in Hubitat, I get the same results, I can hit the on/off and it just delays in response.
I did

do a Zwave repair a few days ago to see if that would help, I will try again with that specific device.

Screenshot attached.

Attempted repair ends as follows.

Thanks for confirming.

Your failed node may be the root of your problem. Please post a screen cap of node 18 (the one that failed).

Should have asked...below happened when you ran a full repair on your entire Z-Wave mesh, via the Repair button at the top of the page, right?

Assuming I have that right... It is Odd to get that failure, you have a nice fast connection on that device. Try running a refresh and then run repair just on node 18.

I am assuming the number of the node is the one in parentheses? or is it the beginning number?
I am seeing a lot of this when I do a repair in the log files:

That's normal when you have Z-Wave issues...the node I'd like you to get a cap of will be 0x18. It likely will be missing routing in the final column...if you have any other mains powered devices that are missing routing in the last column they will also cause problems.

Current state after trying a Z Wave Repair

Having the "Replace" button is usually not a good sign.

Try the following:

  1. Shut down the hub (Settings>Shut Down)
  2. Pull power at the wall (to spare the USB connection on the hub)
  3. Wait 30s
  4. Plug in the hub again and let it boot up

Try the light to see if it's still delayed.

If that fails, I'd:

  1. Create a virtual dimmer device (Add Device>Virtual)
  2. Use Swap Apps Devices (in Settings) to swap in the virtual device for your actual dimmer (0x18, the one that is failing repair)
  3. Exclude the dimmer - Put it into exclusion mode and then start exclusion on the hub (Add Device > Z-Wave > Start Z-Wave Exclusion image
  4. Test the Office Lights switch - it should operate normally

Then you can re-include the Bathroom lights and swap them back into their automations.

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I just redid my entire setup, wiped the hub and added everything back, etc.
Now it is all very quick and runs great again. My C8 Pro setup was a restore from at least two previous hubs, figured why not start from scratch on this. :slight_smile:

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Excellent, glad you're back to a good place. :slightly_smiling_face:

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