GE Enbrighten Zigbee On/Off Switch - No button press events?

Hello. I'm having a fun time with my C-8 and exploring what home automation really is. I bought a GE (Jasco) Enbrighten Zigbee on/off switch and have noticed that it doesn't seem to expose any button press events for rules to be made. It only seems to send an "on" or "off" in response to a change in state. What if I want to know that the "on" button was pressed even when the light is already on? I'd be able to do automation rules with that information, but the switch doesn't seem to report that event.

It seems the Zwave version does support this. Is this a limitation of the driver or the switch, itself?

I'm aware of the Inovelli Blue switches. I have one and it is great. Finding more in stock is tough right now.

Is there a community driver or an update to provide button press events from the switch, regardless of the current state of the power being on or off?

You should see the button press events both in the device log and the device event page.

As @rlithgow1 mentions, the newer embrighten switches can be used for single and double tap button events.

Was this recently added? I'll double check the logs and see, but I didn't remember seeing them before.

I've pressed the buttons multiple times and no second event is sent. The switch only seems to send an event on the state change. Do others see this behavior?

They are button presses not switch events. This is from teh GE Embrighton switch I have in my kitchen.

It is a switch and button controller.


What switch model is it?

Model 43078. ZigBee.

My current states don't show any of that. Are you showing the Zwave version?

Sorry, just noticed the Zigbee part of your OP, and yes I am using the Z-wave version. I would have assumed the Zigbee switches had the same capability, but maybe not.

Correct, they do not.


Is this a limitation of the switch or the driver?

Its a device issue nothing to do with the driver

Surprising they would not extend the same functionality that the Zwave models have... I wonder if they will ever publish a firmware update to enable that.

The switch hardware is good, but the firmware makes it really useless.

Jasco has published their Zwave firmware but Zigbee is still “coming soon” for many months. Three model reports power wattage where Zwave does not so a completely different switch and not just radio.

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Too bad. There's not too many switches that offer up and down with actual button press events. I'd buy more Inovelli Blues if they were in stock.

What's so special about Zigbee?

I've had Jasco/GE Z-wave switches through my whole house for years now, and they've been great. Has the equivalent of 6 buttons with @JasonJoel 's excellent driver, and I use them.

Zooz should

Nothing against Zwave, but I really wanted to keep my entire house one type of standard and already settled on ZigBee.

Do you already have more invested than just the one zigbee switch?