GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Smart Dimmer OFF isn't really OFF

Since my house has no neutrals I just got some GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Smart Dimmers and planned to use them with the HPM package which has them emulate a ON\OFF switch.

However, after installing the dimmer, changing the driver, and selecting the option to act as an ON\OFF switch, a press of the top button will turn on the light, however it tends to flicker a bit and pressing the bottom button dims the light but doesnt turn it off completely.

It was suggested that the bulb isnt compatible but I'm struggling with why an OFF command wouldnt just kill power to the light.

Getting really frustrated, I moved to a house w\ no neutrals and I have 40+ GE\Jasco switches I brought along from the move that I can't use, and now i have 6 GE dimmers that dont appear to work either... what am I doing wrong here? is it truly a requirement that I replace bulbs to something "supported" as well?

The absence of the neutral means that the switch powers itself by passing current to the load (your bulb). This is usually a very small amount of current, and most bulbs will not light up. Unfortunately, the LED bulbs you have chosen do.

There are ways around this. Google "Lutron MLC installation" or "Lutron minimum load capacitor wiring diagram".

Just to clarify. Your Hubitat Elevation hub doesn't care what the bulbs connected to your dimmer are. Only the dimmer does! Lutron publishes a list of bulbs that work well with their no-neutral dimmers. May GE/Jasco also do that? Alternatively, bite the bullet, get a bunch of LUT-MLCs and wire them across the load.

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I'll look into the Lutron MLC. Thanks.

To be clear, it's not an LED bulb connected, it's a standard incandescent.

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Sheesh! This is much more common with LED bulbs (and some CFLs). I've never heard of it happening with incandescent bulbs, although I suppose it is possible.

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Looks like a bulb issue. Incandescent popped and went out, so it must have been failing.

Installed a new incandescent, no issue. Replaced with a led bulb, no issue.


interesting, so you put a resistor in parallel to draw the current to not have the bulb glow? i had this issue with putting lit switches in a bathroom and they powered LED lights. the switch worked great as it has the expected light, but the LED also had a low light due to the current being passed

Just an FYI that ge/jasco makes one of those too now, specifically for use with their no neutral dimmer.