GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Heavy Duty 40 Amp Smart Switch 14285 (Built-in driver)

I am curios why there seems to be no 'Amperage' attribute available in the built-in driver?

Yet, I am seeing "amperage is:" updating in the logs:

Is there a good reason?

I'm guessing an oversight, don't normally create an event to record a value and not store it.

Thanks, that is what I suspected, perhaps @Hubitat_Staff could address it in a future release?

My 40amp GE switch doesn't return amperage. So I calculate it. Power (W) / Voltage = Amps

While I know I'm on a "220v" outlet -- moment by moment it can be slightly varying (like 219 or 221) -- so for maximum accuracy, I do a "set var = device power" and "set var2 = device voltage" -- then "set amps = (variable math) var / var2"

Now, it returns some value like 8.17541 (decimal variables) -- so I do a multiply by 10. Then round - then divide by 10 -- and get 8.2 (PIA, but it works)

Thanks @asheville. I've done a very similar workaround, I was just curious why I had to when I could see the device returning it in the log. I am not exactly sure the best way to ask @Hubitat_Staff to fix the driver to surface that attribute. Hoping this thread will do that. Then I would love to just do the rounding to 1 decimal (if they don't as part of the driver), as you've done. Thanks again.

@bcopeland (HE Z-Wave guru) may be of help or have info about this...

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