GE Enbrighten smart switch

I just installed my first smart switch, enbrighten 43084. Purchased off Amaozn. The install seemed very straight forward, but I seem to have no power. I've double and triple checked the wiring. It is only one ground, a load in, and load out to the light. I get no power. How often do these arrive defective? Is it common? Because at this point, having uninstalled it and reinstalled it a few times, I don't see anything that I could do differently. And as I said, it is really simple. Thank you.

And yes, I turned the breaker back on! With so many installs, I was happy with only one small shock, once.

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I believe this model requires a neutral wire, will not work without it.


You really should have a ground as well.

Also, I don't know of any GE Z-Wave switches that don't require a neutral, except those that are specifically labeled to not require it.

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You are all right. I ordered this one a long time ago, before I understood about the neutral wire requirement. I forgot about that. This one will work in my garage only, which is newer, and has neutral wires. Thank you.

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