GE/Enbrighten driver question

Does anyone know if the GE/Jasco/Enbrighten outlets support power monitoring? And if so, if there's a driver available that supports it? Everything I found in here discusses just using the generic driver which does not seem to have that as a attribute.

The generic outlet driver supports power reporting if it's supported on the device.
if powerCluster: none is shown in the driver data section, then the device doesn't support power reporting.

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At least the z-wave versions do not.

Don't know about the zigbee versions.

Here is the Data Device stuff for the zigbee version:

I assume from the word "powerCluster: none", that it doesn't do power reporting.

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Hrmm .. Guess is seems that way. Thought that was built into that one SiLabs chip that literally every zwave device is based on... It's like a sense resistor that costs two tenths of a penny to hook up the pin.. Apparently two tenths of a cent too much

features like this really have nothing to do with the radio module and everything to do with external circuitry.

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that is correct, this one doesn't report power.

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