GE 43080 Zigbee Does not dim

I installed a GE 43080 dimmer replacing a GE46203 zw dimmer. I replaced this dimmer to extend my zb mesh for better coverage for zb sengled bulbs.
The original zw dimmer operated as expected when dimming the circuit. The circuit contains 4 ceiling LED lights. These ceiling lights are the newer thin style with local line voltage drivers above ceiling (not the edison base can style).
I find the new ge zb dimmer does not dim correctly. The device is setup using the GE zigbee driver and the minimum dim changed to 1%. When dimming, either using the paddle or setting on the device page, i observe virtually zero change in led output. It essentially goes from slight dimming to off (at the ceiling led device minimum). The zw dimmer was able to varythe lights to a wide range from about 20% to 100%.
Is this a bad dimmer? Also, does this zb device driver not have DblTap and the ability to control the local status LED (blue led on the device) state? It does appear that this dimmers device settings page is more limited compared to the zw version. IS there a better zb dimmer solution i should consider using?

the zigbee version doesn't support button events, nor the ability to change the indicator from the driver, this is a device limitation, not a driver limitation.
The indicator can be changed physically if i recall, the instructions for this are in the manual.

Does the dimmer work correctly if you attach a different load to it?
For testing I would attach an incandescent bulb, see if that works...

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Good idea. Since the attached circuit worked fine with the originally attached GE zwave dimmer, i assumed the new zb dimmer would have the same dimming qualities.
To test this using a bulb i will have to open the box and connect directly to the switch. i will check and see if i have an edison base on a pigtail... and if i even have an incandescent bulb :slight_smile:

Hey Kenny, did the dimmer work with incandescent or a different LED?

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