GE 26933 Zwave problem or mistake on App

Hello. About 2 weeks ago I installed my first z-wave device for testing. Z-wave device behavior has being very erratic. Checking the logs it shows motion detected but does run the action of turning the device on. For reference, device Mirror is GE26933 and Ceiling Bath is a Kasa Wifi Dimmer that would like to change in the future.

About 4 days ago we had a power failure and had to shut down HE and restart since all Rules stared to ask weird. Even start the process of rediscovering some Wifi devices. I guess HE needs a UPS to avoid this problem any advice? Thank you

I am not sure if you are listing multiple issues or what is being asked exactly?
Can you re-state the problem exactly?

A UPS is a good idea. Power failures can cause database issues. Advice is to make a backup and then do a database restore. That will clean up your database.

For your rule a couple of thoughts:

  1. Suggest using this driver for the GE dimmer as it exposes all dimmer features:
    [RELEASE] GE Z-Wave Plus Motion Dimmer Combo Driver
  2. move the rule into Room Lighting as it is built specifically for the scenarios you have in your rule.

Making those 2 changes may/probably not make a difference to the performance of your system. If you still have problems turn on logging in the rule and post logs of when the rule does not behave as expected.


Thank you for your help. I installed HE C7 about 3 weeks ago. There has being 2 power failures since then and rules work erratically. Sometimes work sometimes don't; even some circuits turn on that are not part of the rule. I don't know if the power failure issues and not having HE on a UPS has caused the erratic behavior. Even basic rules as motion sensor turning on a light don't work. One day could start working and two days after behaves different. I put GE26933 as a reference since it's the last device that I installed and is the first Z-wave device installed (planning to make the switch from WiFi to Z-wave) but want to be sure that I understand how HE works before investing in replacing switches and devices. Hope this clarifies .. thank you

One of the problems may be because you only have one device (that's what your initial message indicated) This may be problematic because in essence you have no mesh. So given that and the distance between the device and the hub, that may cause some weakness in signal. Can you post your z-wave details page in its entirety?

Before reading your message I decided to Zwave exclude and unlink Kasa Wifi Switches and include them again both wifi and zwave, so I don't know if it is possible to get the Z-wave details after excluding. After including the only zwave dimmer/sensor again, it is working ok for now and interacting with the other Kasa Wifi Switches. On my log I'm getting a debug message on the zwave device and I am clueless on what to look for. Appreciate all help since I am new to HE. I am planing to change to wave but want to understand how it works.

Thank you for the information. I applied your suggestions on using Rule Lighting and it's working well.

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Hello. After a few days of reinstalling the Z-wave GE26933 routines are working better but some events skip so your idea that is a mesh problem, Can you please guide how to get the Z-Wave details on a device? Thank you

If you want to see your mesh, or lack thereof... yourhubip:settiungs>>z-wave details. Post the whole page.

Thank you for your help. Can you please comment on this Z-wave report? I am planning to replace my devices to Z-Wave but would like to get familiarized with the do or don't before making the switch. Do you have any recommendations? Best,

Click the firmware update button please. That said, you have 1 device. You really don't have a a mesh. Since you only have one device it may have a weak signal to the hub.


Thank you for your help. Firmware update completed thank you

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See if it improves.

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