GE 14295 Enbrighten Dimmer Switch

Is there any way have the physical toggle switch send commands to HE?

For example, for Halloween night. I've built a rule to disable the front porch motion sensor and set the porch light to 100%.

What I'd like to do is use the physical switch, quick push up starts the rule, quick push down turns off the light.


They aren't button controllers and so they don't send button info. They simply say "Light On" "Light Off" or "Light at level X"

They don't even say "Light on, light on" when double tapped :smiley:

I have a house full of GE/Jasco toggle switches and most of them perform button functions as well.
Now, I'm not sure if you're model is supported by the drivers that I use by @JasonJoel . He could tell you for sure.

I've got one that does different fan run times, depending on how many times it's toggled up. You can have the equivalent of six buttons, three buttons up and three down.

I have a general policy of three toggles up and three down to disable/enable a motion lighting rules. They turn on/off a virtual switch for restriction in Simple Automation.

edit: Mine are Z-Wave.
edit2: I even have the toggle light up when motion is disabled, again, thanks to @JasonJoel .

I don't have any of the toggle style (I prefer decora), but I do think it would work with my GE Enbrighten Switch/Dimmer driver(s).

They are on HPM, or you can find them on my github:

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