GE 14294 smooth dimming

Is there a way to make the GE 14294 dim smoothly when setting the dimming via the dashboard? I've used the built in driver and JasonJoel's to no success. When I switch to the built in GE Enbrighten Z-wave Smart Switch driver, it is smooth to change levels when I adjust the dimmer via the dashboard, however it does not accurately report the on/off status then.

Hello, I figured this out.

Looking through the code, on line 312 there is the workings for setting the level. This is what happens when I drag the dimmer slider in the dashboard. Unless a duration is specified, it used 0 for that duration, so the change happens instantly. I changed that value to 2, so anytime I change the dimming level it takes 2 seconds. Not perfect, but good enough for me. If I want it to change brightness faster I'd just have to tell it to use a dimming duration of 0, but I cannot myself wanting to do that.

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Good solution, as I wasn't about the change the default of 0 in the driver - that would tick off way more people.

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