G'Day To All Those in Hubitat Land

In the latest Hubitat Live, aside from the regulars ;-).... it was nice to meet those who I have "seen" so much around the HE Community, but never really seen before, including @bobbyD, @gopher.ny and @moncho1138 . I will now picture @BobbyD delivering his expert advice perched on top of a HE hub.... :smile:

Mixing up the format and including various members of the team, along with "questions from the audience" is a nice addition to the "live" update.

Looking forward to more of the same.... :slight_smile:


Here is something else to remember:



Printing 8x10 glossy, then shopping for a cool frame, and will be hanging over our hub. :wink:


i did chuckle at the beginning when you went and "sat" on the hub. you're a lot smaller than i thought you were

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That's not what the rumor was when I graduated a few decades ago. My Christmas Elves classmates said they can't believe how tall I was and still managed to finish first. Now you know why I picked the Santa question last night.

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