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I just built my 14x10 metal roof gazebo and we want to hang some string lighting and maybe a fan. My house is full Lutron Caseta. Ideally I’d like to install a Caseta dimmer switch plus a Caseta fan switch on one of the posts. Has anyone has any issues with Lutron switches outdoors? Thinking about mounting them tucked up under the eve where they wouldn’t ever get wet. I’m also looking for other lighting ideas for ambient lighting. So please share your gazebo lighting and automation ideas and what devices you used in your automation please! I did but an outdoor Lutron Caseta outdoor plug but see it’s not dimmable which is a bummer.

Thank you!

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Looks nice!

How hot/cold does it get by you? The Caseta devices are officially rated for 32-104 degrees and 0%-90% relative humidity. Protected from the rain, they’d probably be fine.

I have a RadioRA 2 maestro light switch in my detached garage that has occasionally seen much lower temps and is still going strong after a couple years.

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Make sure you use plastic outdoor boxes so that there isn't any radio interference. You "may" need a repeater


I was unable to find an outdoor plug in Z-Wave or Zigbee dimmer when I put lights in our backyard gazebo and in the soffit at the front of the house.

At full brightness, aircraft could land.

For this, I had to look outside the HE ecosystem.

The few questions about their app were answered within an hour, and the devices have been working great for over a year.

I really don’t like putting all my eggs in one basket, so several other smart home devices are also on WiFi such as my Wyze plugs and robot vacuum.

Our temps can get down into the single digits in the winter here in PA but it’s usually just for a brief period of time but it’s not unheard of for us to have temps in the teens and 20s for a few weeks at a time.

Thanks, already planning for this. I can install a repeater in my garage if I need to. The hub is on the same Side of the house as the deck so I may be ok.

Thanks for the link and info. Ideally Lutron would make one of these as a dimmer and I’d pair a pico to it. I can remain hopeful one day.

I'm in PIttsburgh, haven't had any issues with outlets or switches outside for a few years but I have good boxes. I worry more about water than I do temp.

I’m in Harrisburg myself. Good to know! Thanks!

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I used the Kasa wifi outdoor plug on mine and it works great. I turn my gazebo on and off with the landscape lights. They are all on Kasa plugs.

Kasa Outdoor Smart Dimmer Plug, IP64 Plug- in Dimmer for Outdoor String Lights, (KP405)

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I had to add Lutron hubs in my shop and garage, as the signal wasn't strong enough to reach, otherwise. However, the garage is probably 75 feet from the house Lutron hub, and the shop is more like 250 feet away. I think you would have no issues for the relatively small distance it appears you are at.

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