Gate opener - 24VDC dry contact?

My wife and I are getting quotes on a driveway gate. I asked the installer, and the gate is triggered with 24VDC (brand is lift master or viking). He seemed to think a 24VDC dry contact relay would work, but I only know of VAC ones.

Does anyone here have a gate they automate, and how do you do it? The gate is not going to be cheap, so I want it fully integrated or it won't be worth it to us (not interested in pushing a button to open the gate (how 1980 :laughing:) Thanks.

I use a app i developed with a guy in the US in my ST days (i use it for a garage he had it for gate) It has delays, warnings options, can use one or two sensors (2nd to give positive open), and sends an alert if its not in the expected position after a period of time.
All you need as an dry contact realy (eg fibro) wired up to where the open and close buttons would be (also supports singe realys).

Just need the app and the garage driver (never ported the gate but they were identical apart from icons
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Thanks for the idea, however for what we are spending I want to find try and find an "out-of-the-box" solution before going down the DYI road. I noticed lift master has MyQ for gates that seems intriguing.

OK, dose the control system not have an out of the box option wireless option?

They have their own app, but I want it to integrate with HE as much as possible. We use presence so when the Geo-fence or presence sensor is detected the gate should open automatically, driveway lights come on (lux dependent) , garage opens....... I'm not extremely interested in push a fob button, or having to open a separate app.

I was hoping someone else had one working, and could say get brand XYZ they work great with HE, so far that's not happened. :wink:

For my yale alarm, I found an app for the phone where I could intercept and analyse the app output to the web, then a mimiced its commands in HE, but that was a lot of trial and error

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I am in Oz, but I use one of these in my gate controller box, powered by 24v from the box and just
switches the regular push button contacts inside the box if that is what you will be using...

"ZConnect Garage Door Opener"