Gate Latch Solution?

Alright, I need some help on this project. I have looked high and low and haven't found even a close solution yet. Hoping someone else has a similar need and discovered what I haven't yet lol.

I built a horizontal fence on back and both sides of the house and looking for a lever handle / lock that I can install to use as the latch but also provide security that I could integrate locking into my vacant / overnight rule sets.

Possibly the closest is the Schlage lever lock but it only comes in WiFi from what I can find. Also, both sides would be exposed to weather, which presents a challenge but I could integrate some board/shelter to keep it from getting rained on.

Other options would include a simple lever latch like this, which has the benefit of a being able to span a larger gap (vs the short tongue designed for a normal exterior door)
If I went this route, I'd need to add a second device such as a maglock, bolt actuator, or similar. I could add a typical Schlage zwave deadbolt) These present additional challenges both with weatherproofing and providing power.

There must be a decently simply solution out there, right?!

Thanks in advance for any ideas/help/suggestions!!

Piece of cake!! grab a 12vdc supply and weatherproof box and use this combination. I love this zigbee relay btw, works great. set the relay up as normally closed so the mag lock grabs your gate unless HE is telling it to open (energize the relay for x seconds). have fun jj

Mag lock:

Zigbee relay:

Thanks for the input and links!!

The relay is a nice touch. When I was thinking about a maglock, I was thinking a 12v weatherproof power supply and a zwave outlet or outdoor plug.

Slightly off topic but related to the mag locks. Does anyone know how far away they will activate? Say you have a door/gate that is a little tight when it gets almost fully closed, will they pull the door in if there is a 1/2" gap? Or maybe more or less distance?

I've got two in use already. They're smaller, about 60kg force. But they have to not only completely butt together (lock and plate) but if they aren't aligned horizontally or vertically they barely hold. You normally keep the plate a tad loose actually so it will self orientate and center.
When they are setup correctly they're pretty great and solve problems where other options can't. But tolerance allowance is a critical fault.

Not sure if this fits your scenario or not, but a drop bolt lock like this might be better?
LIBO Electric Drop Bolt Lock DC 12V Fail Safe NC Mode Electronic Door Lock for Access Control Security System with Time Delay

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I want to ask a question about that Zigbee Relay switch you recommended, and I was hoping you can answer.... forgive the newbie question as Relay Switches are still foreign to me. On the Amazon link for that relay it states, "momentary mode"... I was wondering, with this relay (and Hubitat) can you within the driver pre-set how long the power is provided before it stops? I want to be able to push power to a device (12V) for approximately 2 to 3 seconds then stop the electric flow automatically. Would this device provide me that solution? Thanks...

My recommendation is to disable momentary mode on the relay and use the the smarts in your HE rule. Your rule as an example; "on relay", next line in the rule is then "off relay" and turn delay on for 2-3 seconds on the off command. Bottom left says 'delay' - check it and set for 3 seconds. On will execute then off will delay for 3 seconds and turn off. jj