Gas/Water valve shutoff

Hi all,

This is a little bit of a cheat, because I haven't actually done this, but I couldn't find a suitable place to post about it. There are a few similar topics but nothing that I can find that provides the answers to this specific case.

Anyhoo, I'd like a little advice over the best way to install something like this:

Which is a common wifi valve. From what I can see, these things actually work quite well and there are several rebadged versions from a variety of manufacturers. I'm guessing they can be controlled via hubitat because most of them mention TUYA app control.

I like to keep things simple. So my question is, is anyone aware of a cool method to do the same kind of thing, but avoiding WIFI? To be clear, I'm essentially trying to find an alternative (and hopefully, off-the-shelf-style) device which would open/close a value in the same way as the device mentioned here, BUT being able to open/close by applying a simple current or some other method.

Note that if it isn't blindingly obvious, I really struggled to explain this one. Apologies ! =p

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There are zigbee and z-wave versions of that valve controller, such as these:

However, they all have poor torque and do not work well when ball valves get "sticky" over time.

If you want a decent valve controller that has a lot of torque and works well in a variety of conditions, get the Econet BullDog, which also works with Hubitat:


I never thought about a gas shutoff valve.
Like, if the smoke alarm goes off, or something.

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I've ordered twice from these guys and both times has been pretty quick (2 weeks).
c/w AliExpress Standard Shipping
Using Markus's Tuya Valve driver on HPM works great.


Ah, didn't realise there were zigbee versions, awesome. Thanks!

I'm sure the Bulldog one is great, but can't entertain the idea of paying 200 quid per valve. Ta!

Does get me thinking about uses for my home brew setup.... :smile:


Thanks! Just ordered one. My valve is a bit different, but at that price, I don’t mind if if doesn’t work... At least I’ll have tried...

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