Gas Dryer

I deceided to add a ST outlet to my dryer and it reads power. I set the below rule to send an announcement to the google homes thru out the house. However, my rule is not working and I am not sure what I am missing.

I could be misunderstanding your condition, but the way you have it, isn’t it saying the following?

The rule is true if the power level of the dryer is greater than dryer plus five watts. But it’s the same outlet in both parts of the condition.

That rule will never be true. I think you need to fix your condition. You can share the condition screen of the rule to help clarify further.

For our washer, I just recorded the power of it while resting, added a few to it and then the rule is power < that number.

I think this fixed it. I didn't realize it was less than the power of the dryer when it is on. Thanks for the help!!!

With many conditions you can flip a toggle switch “relative to another device.” It sounds like that’s what you did there, which was causing your problem?

I think i chose to flip the switch. It is not to spelled out for a newbie.