Garmin control of Home Automation

I am curious if anyone else would find it valuable to have access to their home automation from the Garmin watch? I was thinking the GPS as a presence sensor, ability to trigger certain actions / Switches etc... from my watch because I always have it on me, but don't always have my phone on me when inside the house or maybe I want to leave it in the car to charge when out and about but I want to check on the status of the home or trigger something.

I know Garmin has a partnership with SmartThings, it would be cool to have something similar with Hubitat.

I am trying to think how that a Garmin watch would work in this sense. My Vivoactive 3 still needs to connect to my phone to talk to the Garmin Connect app to talk to the internet. Following this model the watch would have to talk to the Hubitat app on the phone to talk to the in home Hubitat. In all cases my phone has to be near the Garmin watch to do connected functions.

I am definitely not sure I also have Vivoactive 3 and your right about the connections but I thought I read on the forum that a webhook could be used on our model without the phone and honestly couldn't figure out how that would happen but that got me to wanting the opportunity from my watch.

It would be nice to be able to see the status of my HSM from my Garmin Fenix 5 and maybe be able to arm/disarm lock/unlock from it however it would need either my phone to tell the system I left/arrived or to tell it to arm/disarm/lock/unlock or we could use something like iPhone WiFi Presence Sensor to detect left/arrived and rely on the WiFi to tell it to arm/disarm/lock/unlock if that is possible with these watches? Not sure if they keep the WiFi active other than when they are syncing an activity.

I have a Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music... I'd be interested to see what is possible. I know my watch supports a WiFi connection, which I normally do not enable to save battery life since I really don't need WiFi on my watch... Or do I? :thinking:

With WIFI capabilities you definitely should be able to, there is a webhook application already available and I'm pretty certain you can tye that to a virtual device and use that as a trigger.

if anyone is interested here is Garmin's API. Most of what I found was based on the ability to download music, sync workouts, and get software updates via wifi.

I am about to start the migration from SmartThings to Hubitat. I'm in the research phase now, where I am trying to figure out how to transfer my automations. One of the things I use several times a week (okay, a little less these last few months because all races have been canceled), is to open my garage door from my Garmin when I finish a run. I do this so that I don't have to carry a key. I leave my phone inside the house and the Garmin connects to the phone once I get home. I then have it arranged to open the garage door and unlock the back door into the garage.

So I am very interested in this feature.

FYI, for SmartThings, there are two Garmin apps - a "classic" app that allows you to trigger a routine, and a newer app that allows you to trigger a scene. The classic Garmin app is not allowed on the newer watches so I had to make some arrangements when I got a new watch. There's no other integration to use GPS, etc.

Yes I have a fenix 6 and use routines and scenes on smartthings. Converting one of my.locations so I would love to be able tovtranfer activate stuff from my watch

You could do this via RM and a webhook as the trigger and and a connect app like this.


I just installed and configured the myHomeControl app and it's working great with the built in Maker API app and using the https send command to turn devices on. Although the Garmin Connect app needs to be running in the background on your phone for it to work since it only utilizes Bluetooth to make the connection.

Late to this one, but I'm struggling getting myHomeControl to work. Are you using an internal URL to Hubitat? I can click on my internal MakeAPI https link in Chrome, and its successful, but the myHomeControl just gives me a -300 error and times out.

try apicall that is what i am using instead. i am also using the links from makerapi app.
probably becuase however you are generating your urls they dont have cloud access and when on chrome locally you are on your network but the garmin watch is coming in through the clouds.

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Thanks for this. I switched to the cloud API ones, and now it works great. Awesome!

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Hi, I know this is an old post and everyone is happy with the integration of their Garmin with Hubitat.

I've just bought my Garmin Venu 3, I've installed the MyHomeControl application mentioned above via Garmin Express, but I don't know which step to follow now.

Is there a post (I've searched and can't find it) that gives a step-by-step guide to setting it up, and thus the connection between the Garmin watch and the Hubitat?

On the Garmin Expres I have this unconfigured screen:

Would anyone have a step-by-step guide to recommend? Especially being able to control the HE modes, and turning a device on and off to start it up?


Hi Wilson,

I have just installed and configured the MyHomeControl App on my Fenix 5x using the Connect IQ App Store, the equivalent of Garmin Express I assume. I have also paired my Garmin watch to my Google Pixel phone.

From your screenshot I gather you have successfully installed the MyHomeControl App onto your watch, so I won't walk through those steps, which may be different depending on the watch different people own.

In terms of configuring the MyHomeControl App, on the screen you posted, I went through the steps below, using a Maker API instance on my HE hub.

Note, there appears to be a limitation with Android phones to only allow HTTPS url's, which I think was what @lpakula and @kahn-hubitat were discussing in Oct '22. If using an Android phone and Maker API, this means you need to use the cloud url's for Maker API. If you are on an iPhone you may be able to use the local Maker API url's, but with that, lose the ability to control things when away from home, so you may still wish to use cloud url's like I describe below.

Setup Maker API

These steps can be performed on a PC/laptop if you prefer.
If you already have Maker API installed on your HE hub, you may wish to setup a new (additional) install of Maker API just for this purpose, but this is not mandatory. For an existing install, simply open the Maker API App configuration page and adjust the devices selected and the mode setting as needed.

  • Open the Apps page on your HE hub
  • Click Add Built-In App in the top-right of the screen
  • Select Maker API
  • (Optional) In Maker API Label, adjust the name for the Maker API install, for example MyHomeControl Maker API
  • Under Security select Allow Access via Remote / Cloud
  • In the " Allow Endpoint to Control These Devices" section, select the devices you wish to control. This can be left empty if you only want to control modes
  • In the " Allow Endpoint to Control Modes or HSM" section, you may wish to turn off Allow control of modes and Allow control of HSM, but this is optional. If you do want to control modes, you will need to leave that setting turned on.
  • Click Done at the bottom of the page to finish the setup of Maker API
  • If wanting to control a device, open the Devices page, locate the device and note down the Device Id, either from the device listing with the Device Id column displayed in the tabular view, or by opening the Device Details page and looking for the Id number in the address bar
  • If wanting to control modes, use the following URLs to obtain the Id of each mode:
    http:// << HE-hub-IP >> /apps/api/ << Maker-API-App-Id >> /modes?access_token= << Maker-API-Access-Token >> << Cloud-App-Id >> /apps/ << Maker-API-App-Id >> /modes?access_token= << Maker-API-Access-Token>>
Configure MyHomeControl

Note - In the steps below, the Maker API URLs are copied from within the Hubitat mobile App. This is not a requirement, and these could be sourced in different ways to get them onto the phone.

On your phone:

  • Open the Hubitat Mobile App
  • Connect to the HE hub from the Tools tab, either by selecting Connect to hub or from the Registered hubs page
  • Open the Apps page, selecting the Maker API App configured earlier for MyHomeControl
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen where the URL's are listed
  • Select and copy the send device command URL from the Cloud URL's section, or from the Local URL's if using an iPhone and wanting to use local calls only. This same URL will be used below for configuring both device and mode control
  • Open the Garmin Express or Garmin IQ App and navigate to the MyHomeControl App on your device, opening the settings for the MyHomeControl App (the setup screen on the previous post)
  • For Device 1, enter a name for the device, e.g. Test Switch or Night Mode
  • Select the HTTP or HTTPS prefix, HTTP for local control on an iPhone only, or HTTPS for cloud control on either operating system
  • In Action 1, paste the URL copied from Maker API, with the following adjustments:
    • For Device control:
      • Remove the http:// or https:// from the beginning
      • Replace the [Device ID] with the Device ID noted earlier
      • Replace the [command] with the name of the command to be called, e.g. on or off
      • Replace or remove the [Secondary value] with any input value required. Note, if removing this part, also remove the slash that appears in between the command and the secondary value
    • For Mode control:
      • Remove the http:// or https:// from the beginning
      • Replace the "devices/[Device ID]/[Command]/[Secondary value]" with "modes/ << mode-id >>"
  • Give the action a name
  • Tap Save in the top right of the screen

With the configuration complete, on my Fenix 5x, the actions appeared on the watch when selecting to manually start an activity like running, swimming etc. Note, for these to appear on this screen of the watch, there may be an extra step in the Garmin App on your phone to add the MyHomeControl to this list of activities. When the MyHomeControl activity is selected, you can then select your device and then action, using one of the buttons on your watch to run the action. A green dot should appear at the top of the screen if the action is successful.


The only point is de Device ID, use this not work:


I looked in the device log to see which number is associated with the device, the one I used in the configuration:



Yes, the DNI and the Device Id are two separate things. From the log I'm expecting 55 is the device id you want.