Gardena Smart System

One thing I would really apriciate in the future is integration with the Gardena Smart System that controlls their robot lawn mover and irrigation system. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

So if you would give this a considerstion it would mean a lot to me! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks in advance!

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In the meantime, if your have Alexa, she can now use custom commands in Routines so with the necessary virtual devices in HE, you could do a workaround. This would work for anything that works with Alexa but not HE yet.


One thing I haven't found yet is how to get certain things to occur without receiving an "OK" response. When anyone figures that out, please share.

@SmartHomePrimer I think you can turn that off in the Alexa app.

Haven't found that. Please show me if you know where it is.

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Do you have brief mode enabled?

No and don’t want it enabled. If that’s the only way, they need to change that.

As far as i know that’s the only way you can do it right now.

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Sadly not any closer at all. I dont have any skills in programming so I was hoping that somebody else would/could do it... :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I think their system from 2020 and bakwards are using wifi. Their new one from 2021 are using Bluetooth.

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Brief modes supplies a ding. Has anyone attempted simply muting the alexa device?

I would add my support for this. I have a fair-sized Gardena system installed.

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In the end I managed to do this with Homebridge Running on a Raspberry Pi. The Gardena kit works well on Homekit, so it is touchable with a virtual device with a virtual Homebridge device and a Homekit automation behind that.

I guess that could be a solution if there are absolutly no other possibilities for me. It’s not the solution I hoped for but as long as it works…

Do you have to have a rasberry pi or could you do this with just an Apple TV?

If you're doing it on an apple TV you still neeed something on the HE side to trigger the Homekit automation part. I'm using Homebridge and the HE app to push a button that triggers the Homekit App. If you've got an IFTTT account, you could probably use a virtual HE trigger for the Gardena skill using that instead of Apple.

I have a bunch of other Homekit automations, so Homebridge was a no-brainer for me. You need to be comfortable setting up a Linux environment and using command lines to do the installs on the Raspberry Pi, but otherwise not hard.

Thats the problem. I’m not comfortable in the Linux enviroment and with Raspberry Pie’s.

A virtual event in HE to trigger the Gardenia IFTTT then? That's fairly plug and play.

That may work. If ITTT supports Gardena that is. I would prefer not to use IFTTT because of their greedy behaviour against their customers but…

There is a Gardena skill for IFTTT. I've not used it, but all you really need is turn on/off. There are plenty of irrigation tools to play with in HE.

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Thats good news. :grinning::+1: I havent scanned the forum for this yet but that sounds promising.