Garden light suggestions (spot and bollard style)

Hi All - We currently use Hue for all of our indoor smart lights using the Hue hub, and because we are Apple HomeKit based, very happy with this. However... Hue outdoor stuff + price = OUCH!

Thinking of adding some pathway bollard-style lights and some spot lights to some of our trees via Hubitat - What options others in AU/NZ are using for this sort of thing? Any cool (as in neat, not heat) suggestions?


Iโ€™m not sure I see the benefit of smart landscape lighting the way a lot of it is advertised. A typical low voltage system will have a wall mounted transformer with a photo eye. Depending on what youโ€™re after that might be sufficient โ€” the photo eye will turn it on and off with darkness. If thatโ€™s not enough, add a smart outlet and disable the photo eye functions. You can then control the lights with Hubitat/node-red/HomeKit/whatever.


My outdoor lighting consists of a 12 VDC 1156 LED and 1156 socket. I either retro fit an AC future, or use a power pole glass insulator to fit over the LED and socket. Most LEDs run on 10~30 VDC, so any adaptor or variable voltage controller in that range will drive them. I buy the LEDs from super bright LEDs . com. As a benefit, they also run on a 12 V battery.

I just did yard lights. Settled on Kichler lights from Lowes for quality/price ratio.

Control is via a TP-Link Kasa switch running sunset to sunrise on its own schedule so as to still cycle even if something wireless glitches. The Kasa is also mounted into Hubitat so that I can see the cycle history via Hubitat.

I am using this power supply and really like it thus far:

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