Garage Open -> Turn light on red

Couldn't be simpler, right?
Not working :slight_smile:

The "Garage" device does show "in use by" this rule..

(I tried a "Notifier Light: On" action as well, that didn't work)

It's not creating any log messages, so it's not being triggered.

I have other RM 5.0 rules that take actions based on the garage door being open... those are working fine (they have predicates though).

Hub software version

To troubleshoot this, you will need to turn the debug logs on. However, my personal preference for simple rules like this, is to use Basic Rules app. That is not to say, Rule Machine shouldn't be used. Please turn on logging and also post the settings page of your rule.

Does the event page for the device itself show a trigger(event)? It's such a simple rule sounds like a device issue more than a RM problem.

No event subscriptions... Shouldn't it be subscribing to the garage door?

@terminal3 When the door is opened it is reflected in Hubitat / ActionTiles / Etc and my other garage door rules are firing.

Yeah, that's definitely a problem. See if hitting "Done" or "Update Rule" (both do basically the same, except "Done" also closes the page and takes you back to the list or wherever you were before) helps. This should (re)subscribe to the garage door event. If not...maybe a bug? You could try doing the same with a new rule just to be sure. I haven't created any 5.0 rules with garage doors or contact sensors (not sure what capability you used), but maybe it could be reliably reproduced.

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Done/Update Rule: No change, still no event subscriptions.

Yep! Easy for me to reproduce. Created a new rule, same thing:

Third or fourth bug I've run into in the short term of having Hubitat.. Need help with unit tests? :slight_smile:

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Rule V is brand new. It'll settle down by 2.2.9.


It should. Unfortunately, I am not able to replicate the problem. I created an identical rule and my hub subscribed correctly to the garage door event. Please send me your hub's ID in PM so we can take a look at your hub.


I am if I choose "Garage door open" (or seemingly anything--"changed" also failed) as the trigger event with the "Garage Door" capability and this virtual device I used for testing:





I'm not posting screen shots, but I can reproduce it also - using a virtual garage door device.


The question is now what you and @bertabcd1234 have in common with @klinquist that I don't. :thinking: Will sort it out. Thanks for your feedback.


Good looks and charm


Edit: Just teasing.....


I am able to reproduce this. It does fail to create a subscription. This will be fixed in the next release.


If you roll back to 152, this works. The bug was introduced in 153.


Release is out and fixes this problem.