Garage Door zen16

I have a zooz zen16 that I'm trying to jog my garage door when the temperature gets warm. I was able to manually send the commands and achieve the desired results. When I create a rule with the same timings it doesn't work. The door remains closed.

Here is the manual log. The door opened up just a few inches like I'm hoping for.

Here is my rule. Any ideas why it doesn't work with the same timing as the manual test?


I would try just send the "on" command to the relay child 1 directly and not through the virtual garage door device. You should only need to send the on commands, the off should happen automatically if you have it configured correctly.

The ZEN16 itself has no awareness of the garage door state, every time you send it an "on" it would simulate you pressing and holding the wall button for 2 seconds then releasing it (with default settings of a 2 second hold).


Is this just to get it to open a bit, like a fee inches to a foot? Or to open completely? Ive been looking for a way to do the former. Open just enough to keep the heat from building up too bad, but not enough to let the cat out.

I just figured it out. I had to abandon the garage door controller app. I just toggle the relay on/off directly not calling it a garage door controller.

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Yeah, good call. I imagine given the virtual door it assumed it was already opened or closed so your additional command would be ignored, where the switch directly doesn't care about the state.

Side question: you mention this is for

Does opening and closing that fast change your temp enough?

The vents in the soffit are pretty restricted, the previous owners painted over them. I haven't measured the difference but I'm sure it helps. I left my attic hatch open and I can feel the airflow moving through the opening when I'm up there.

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He is not opening and closing it in that rule, he is starting to open it, pausing, then stopping it from opening so it is just cracked open at the bottom a little.


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