Garage door without tilt sensor

I've been trying to figure out how to automate my garage door.

I'm coming from Homeseer and I'm having a tough time finding what I need.

Basically, I've got a door contact sensor and a relay which I was able to include into HE. What I'm looking for is a way to combine both devices into one that I can use to monitor and control the door.

I've tried using the built in Virtual Garage Door Controller. It seems like it is only there to simulate a garage door. Is there a way I can tie my contact sensor's state to the contact sensor of the Virtual Garage Door controller? For control I'm thinking I can use Rule Machine to manage the opening and closing the door based on the state of the open close sensor.

I've also tried Virtual Garage Door app by @peng1can but I don't have a tilt sensor. It seems to REQUIRE the use of an tilt sensor. I'm completely code illiterate but I did take a look at the child app for Virtual Garage Door and changed the requirement for an acceleration sensor to false. I take this to mean that I can not use this sensor while setting up the device. It seems to have worked but when I cycle the door it opens but the state of the door stays on opening. I don't care if the door is moving I only care if it is open or closed. What do I need to change to make this work?

Is there a better way to accomplish what I want to do?


Try this

Create a virtual device and set it to the this garage door driver, then use the app to link the contact and virtual

You might be able to use a virtual omni or multi sensor with a rule tied to the contact sensor then use that with the app.

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That's what I did but the app requires the use of a Tilt sensor that I don't have.

Mine dosnt

Which app are you using? Can you send me a link?

If you have a good z-wave mesh then you may want to look at the Linear/GoControl/Nortek Garage door opener. I've had good luck with it even though I know there's plenty that have had issues with faulty units or older units.

If running Insteon (doubtful since you're now using HE) then IOLinc with a magnetic door sensor wired works great. I'm using this now.

If you have Lutron RadioRa 2 then get a VCRX unit and wire the CC to the garage door opener and use a magnetic sensors (I'm moving to this as the VCRX is in the mail)

If ZigBee then get a generic dry contact relay preferably one with a dry contact sensor input and use a magnetic door contact switch as the input and connect the output to the garage door opener

If Wifi look and see if there's an app/integration with garadget or gogoGate (I think there is) or use a Sonoff device and flash it with Tasmota.

Dont bother with the gate driver, that was just when I was on st for a different icon

Dont forget to click the raw in github for each

OH! Sorry, still getting used to the way the forum works. I'll give it a try. Thanks @mark.cockcroft👍

Just be aware there is a few seconds lag (customizeable )closing to enable the light/siron/talking warning to complete.
US building regs must have a warning before closing

And if it get out of sync it will send a push message

Here is another dumb question. I've got the Driver Code installed and I've created the Garage Door Virtual device created with the "Simulated Garage Door Opener" Type selected.

Now what do I do? How do I link my real devices and this virtual one?

Make sure you use the driver you created from the bottom of the list.

Create the app the same way but in the app code section of HE

Then go to app section

Edit I haven't test the set volume bit yet so I'd leave it blank if you're going to use voice warning

Oh man! Thanks so much. It works. Thaks for the link on installing custom apps. Bookmarked!

No problem, let me know if you have any questions/issues