Garage door with zooz

hi all,
im new to hubitat and I simply can't figure out how to get hubitat to deal with a garage door.
I have the zooz relay zen 17, the zooz keypad zen32 and hubitat hub.

on the relay, I want to have a magnetic contact to know if the door is closed or open and the relay to do a momentary contact to activate the garage door.

the zooz keypad zen32 to (1) show the status of the garage door with the led of button 1 (red open, green closed) and when I press the button to activate the relay (momentary contact)

how do I do that with hubitat?

I got it working in no time with an old ISY994 with 2 small programs (hopefully that my help understand what I try to achieve, but I can't post picture. hopefully Ill be able once the topic is created)

here are the 2 pictures of what I have acheive with ISY. how do I do that with hubitat?



Simply set up the keypad controller as a button controller. Set up the contact sensor just as that, a contact sensor.

Now, you can even make this more easy by using the Zooz garage door opener app from the zooz website. That will handle everything for you,..

I use this app and it works well for me. I have the ZEn16 but I think it will work for the 17 as well.


yes I tried the app. but it does not see any sensor. the zen17 sensor is not listed when setting up " Zooz Garage Door Opener App"

That's the app I was talking about I think

You will use one of the child devices in the zen 17.....

When you create the child app in the zooz garage door app you should get this

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yeah, that's where I am, but I have an empty list under "Open/Close Sensor"

What driver is showing for the sensor?

I think I found it.
in the zen17 settings I changed "Input Type Relay 1" for contact sensor. now I was able to get it as a sensor in the garage door app.
ill follow the procedure and see where it leads me.
then ill need the zen32 button 1 to be in sync with the sensor (sensor open, led red. Sensor closed, led green)

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oh, and the drive is the default one. the "comunity driver" didn't seems to allow much more

Ii didn't realize you were using a wired contact sensor. (I use the ecolink tilt sensor myself)

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