Garage Door status in Dashboard

Hi All,

Trying to figure out how to show my garage door status in a dashboard. I've got the MyQ Lite app installed, and it's using a couple ST Multisensors V4 for door status. But I can't seem to find a good combination of door/sensor and tile type that actually shows me if the door is open/closed (green).


Just a shot in the dark, but the garage template seems to be an ideal candidate.


I use the garage template with myQ and it works properly. Allows control of the doors and provides the current status.

Yes, I get that. And that's what I'm using. Do I point that at the door from MyQ, or the sensor? Note, both of these seem wrong. The "Door" items are the doors presented by MyQ Lite. The sensors are the actual ST Multisensors.



Nevermind, I'm an idiot. I had the sensors set to "SmartSense Multisensor v4"... my brain didn't realize that didn't say "SmartThings".

The V5 driver (the sensors are the v4 version) seems to be reporting properly.

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