Garage Door Slide Lock Contact Sensor Recommendations

I've got a slide lock for the garage door and want to detect when it is locked or unlocked, likely using a contact sensor. I'm looking for recommendations for contact or other sensors that might be able to detect a locked or unlocked state.

There may be better options, but a Samsung multi purpose sensor would possibly work.

If you get a sensor with a hall effect sensor it might be able to detect the different positions of the bolt. Other wise I think sticking a large battery to the bolt arm and setting the sensor underneath the bolt so it will detect when closed.

I would suggest the EcoLink tilt sensor. It has external contact capability. You can mount the sensor on the (non-Metal) door and stick the magnetic sensor on the bolt. Any alarm contact/magnet sensor will do.

Or perhaps any contact sensor with remote switch capability.

Depending on whether that position is the fully locked position or not, a Visonic sensor might work very well. Sensor on the slide bar, magnet on the edge of the box it slides through, or maybe better vice versa.

DoorStick001 Prototype

A concept that seemed easier to show with a picture. :wink:

Probably use different materials, or not. :laughing:
Plastic seems like a more likely material but it depends how cold your garage gets.

Was also thinking that if you wanted to monitor your door close/open the dual function GoControl WADWAZ-1 contact sensor could be used.
Position the sensor at the top of the door frame to monitor open/closed with the magnet attached to the top of the door.
Then install a micro-switch on the DoorStick001 Prototype and connect it's output to the External Contacts on the WADWAZ-1.

Re thinking the use of a magnet sensor. It might turn out to be in the way when you lock/unlock by hand.

You could get these guys almost anywhere image

Mount it behind the door track so the lock bolt actuates the switch. This also gives you normally open OR normally closed contacts so you could use any smart sensor that accepts external contacts.

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