Garage door opener

Hi all,

I have the zooz relay zen16 for my garage door and I’m not a fan.

Can anyone recommend another ZWave device that I can use to open my garage door by chance?

Thank you!

Went through a couple different zwave openers and they didn't last.

It is not zwave it's local wifi but I would recommend the Shelly garage door opener
Works great and is cheap.
To be fair I used the zwave openers for a 1-2 years before they started having issues and the Shelly has only been 3 months so far will see in 1-2 years if it holds up.

I’ve been happy with MyQ Garage. It isn’t local though (or Z-Wave), and requires another device on the door to confirm that the door is open or closed (IFTTT can be used for that as an option).

What is not working well for you with the Zen16?

I am using a ZEN16 and it works fine for me. I actually make more use of the tilt sensor to see the status of it, than the ZEN16 to control the door. Car has a button right in the head liner so that is used to open it. Automating that seems like overkill to me.

i've automated my garage with a z-wave outlet + relay, but could've used a ZEN16 to accomplish this as well.

if you don't mind, what headaches are you having? maybe we can help improve your experience?

Thanks all for the replies. My issue is that I have to click the relay on and off for the garage door to open, then on and off to close again. Seems excessive to open and close a door. Happy to talk through this and see if maybe I’ve set this up wrong.

You could set up the "Auto Off" settings in the parent device. Minimum on time is one second. I believe Zooz has an app they designed especially for this, but I've not used it.

Use the Zooz garage door app, which will handle setting the relay on/off for you. It will also combine a sensor with the relay into a virtual device that can control and sense the state of the door all in one device.

You can also adjust one of the parameters to "Garage Door" mode which will do what you described, when you turn the relay "on" it will click on for 2 seconds then back off again automatically.

I had the best luck letting the app do it for me and set the parameter back to the default.

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i've addressed this with a virtual switch, auto off, and some rules

for my relay, i have it set to auto off after 1 second (so it operates like a button). i use the virtual switch to track the status of the garage door. i then have some rules that can trigger the garage door, and use the virtual switch for control

Trigger: virtual switch turn {on|off}
IF tilt sensor is {closed|open} THEN
turn on relay

basically if i turn on the virtual switch, it will only trigger the motor if the door is in the other position.

i made all this before i was aware of the Zooz Garage Door opener though, and didn't feel like changing it after i had it all set up

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Thanks guys!! This has been very helpful! I went Into the app and set the auto off.

This works great. Really appreciate all the assistance with this!

Now, if I can only figure out how to get rid of the ‘your application is not set to allow background location information’ every time I open the app, I’ll be in business. I’ve set the app to always allow in setting but that doesn’t help.

Is this in iOS? I am thinking by the "background" in the error error this might be what is disabled. Try going to the device Settings app > General > Background App Refresh > Hubitat (turn on if off).

Download the Hubitat app