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Not sure if I’ve asked this already but I have a Meross wifi garage door opener that I want to take off smartthings and use it with Hubitat right now I have it setup on smartthings to open the garage door automatically when I get home and can’t figure out how to get it to work with Hubitat so I can setup the same automation I tried making a virtual switch but it’s not letting me make anything virtual

What do you mean you can't make anything virtual?

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When I go into and try to setup a device like a switch it doesn’t let i click on the arrow for the drop down menu under make a virtual switch and nothing is there and if I try to manually do it doesn’t let me
I’m trying to get may Meross WiFi garage door opener to work in Hubitat I now it can be done but so far no one has been able to tell me how to do it

Are you not able to select this drop down?

Are you looking at the instructions from the following?

Correct nothing comes up

Correct I click on the arrow and it blank nothing comes up

Which web browser and operating system are you using?

Trying to do it threw the app on my phone

Well I just figured out that you can’t make virtual stuff threw the app has to be done through the web browser so now how do I get this meross 100 to work I really don’t want to use ifft as it’s slow are there other ways to get to work in Hubitat

I don’t think that’s correct, for iOS at least. I’m able to do it through the mobile app on my iPhone.

I agree, getting IFTTT involved in an automation for a garage door should be avoided if possible. There appears to be one other method described in that thread but it’s not as simple to setup and is still cloud-dependent.

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For some reason it doesn’t come up in the app on my iPhone 11 max pro :thinking:

Could be wrong but I don't think you can remote administer via the app without a subscription for remote admin.

That’s the thing I do have remote access so I can check on things when I’m not home
But if I login the hub from my laptop the virtual drop down menu is there but when I go into the app even if I’m home and on the same network the drop down menu isn’t there so not sure why that is I’m confused as all hell as to why this happens :person_shrugging:

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