Garage door opener wants to confirm?

I have a GD00Z-4 garage door opener, i have it pared and it works but in order to open and close the door i get a pop up asking are you sure yes/no.

Is there a way to disable that?


That's how the garage door controllers and locks are handled, I'm guessing for security so you need to verify before accidentally opening it. I don't believe there is a way to turn off that verification on the native dashboard. One of the other third party dashboard options might be able to suppress it however they would run through the cloud. I've used Homebridge and Home Assistant for my interface and neither of them have the verification step but they both require extra hardware.


You could use a virtual switch/relay/button and a simple rule to do it.


I assume you are getting the yes/no confirmation from your garage door (control) icon on your dashboard?

No, it’s build into the dashboard template for locks and garage door controls. If you use this template this is what you get.

As suggested above, you can use push buttons or switches on you dashboard to trigger a RM to open and close if you wish to bypass the confirmation prompt.

Edit: I didn’t read @Terk reply close enough.
Yeah, what he said lol

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I understand why they do it but on your iPhone it's not very easy to click on yes/no.

With the IPhone if you create a rule with and end point trigger you can make a Siri shortcut to open and close the door as well.

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Any more info on how to do that?

I've only had my hubitat a few days.

Same procedure in RM5.

Shortcuts work from the phone or the watch.

On the phone you can set up the widgets page.

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What @steve.maddigan posted is the basic setup. The shortcut on your phone just loads the end point link into a browser, Safari, Chrome, etc. This initiates the RM5 rule to open or close the door.

I only have mine setup up to open my door, but it could close as well. When I am pulling into the neighborhood I say Hey Siri, open my garage.

Your phone needs to be unlocked. I have a phone holder that points the phone such that it will unlock with face recognition.

This is a screen short of the shortcut. You get the link from the rule after you create it.

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I've used the shortcut app in iOS but i'm not sure what i need to do to set it up in hubitat.

I'm assuming i need to create a virtual switch in hubitat and use a virtual button. There are settings for that i do not understand and then use rule machine?

Would be great to have a widget on my iPhone to open the door or ask siri.

Not just a virtual switch - you need to create a RM with a cloud endpoint trigger and then the in the actions of that rule you add the open or close command you want.

This was the shortcut I was using for MyQ and I had another RM controlling it but the concept is the same. You can just put the open garage door command in the actions.

You need to cut and paste the Cloud end point URL in the iOS shortcut.

Sorry just realize I showed the RM for open and the iOS shortcut for close, but you get the idea.

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So i use Rule Machine create a new rule - new trigger event select Cloud end point then it ask Select capability for new Trigger Event.

Do i pick garage door? and select my door?

Yes, select the garage door you want to open or close.

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Amazing, i got it to work! Now how would you use siri to open it.

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Just setup a Shortcut on your iPhone with “Get contents of web page” as the action, and set the name to the command you want to use with Siri. (Ex.: Open Garage Door)

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