Garage Door Controllers - Chamberlain C205

Had to get a new garage door opener and stat, run up to HD, grab the first one I see on the shelf which was the Chamberlain C205. It's everything I needed, and nothing I didn't. It will make the garage door go up and down.

Install goes as expected, not without a slight mounting challenge, but in the end it is up and doing its job. My focus then turns to popping in the two wires from my GoControl Opener (GD00Z-4). I already had it in HE, so it should be as simple as connecting to red and white (the push button is wired here).

Hit the button in the dashboard, it says "are you sure", hit yes, GC flashes and beeps but garage door will not go up. Try again, nothing. Quick Google search I find that the C205 is not compatible, something about proprietary interfacing. I guess the push button opener sends a specific signal, one that the GC doesn't share.

Anyway.....Does anyone else out there have a Chamberlain C205, and if so what are you using as a smart opener?

I should add that I know about MyQ, but have read some less than stellar opinions. Granted I am not opposed to going that route if it is what I am left with.

Your new opener is Security 2.0+ (or higher). For these openers, the opener only provides power to the wall switch/button. When the button is pushed, it sends a wireless signal to the GDO.

To use the GoControl with this, connect the GoControl to a GDO remote - across the terminals that would be shorted when the remote switch is pushed. So, the GoControl will essentially "push" the remote button to control the door ......