Garage Door Control Plan

Greetings. I am preparing to implement garage door control through my C8 at home. I say 'control' rather than automation because my intent is to replace the 1990's RF remote control with a Zwave button (for remote control, and retain the manual control button inside the garage) and to add door position sensing and notification. So no automation. After having read a great deal on the subject, this is what I believe is the best solution for my situation. Components:
Zooz ZEN 17 relay
Fibaro KeyFob Remote scene controller FGKF-601
Tailwind iQ3 Door Kit - Above Door Mount

I have the wiring diagram for my GDO so disabling the radio receiver will be easy. I chose the Zooz relay after learning about the reliability issues with the less expensive ones, like Songle & MHCOZY. And since the Zooz is a 2-channel relay, I chose the Tailwinds magnetic sensor to take advantage of that 2nd channel, which also simplifies the system; two wireless devices instead of three. I chose the Fibaro keyfob because I already have one.

Again, my goal is to replace the old RF technology with Zwave, essentially duplicating the functionality while adding door position notification ability. I suspect that stray radio signals have opened my door in the past, so that's the reason for replacing the RF remote control with Zwave remote control, without adding new functions. (I could add the position notification function to the existing GDO, so I don't count that as adding functionality to the remote control side.)

I'd appreciate any thoughts, opinions or suggestions. Thanks. -Tim

One possible consideration (which I have implemented in my use case) was to connect my manual button (in the garage) to a relay such that if the security system is armed, the garage door will not be able to be opened by merely pressing the manual button. The reason for this is that it makes rapid egress through a large opening (the garage door) with bulkier stolen items when the security system is armed a little more “inconvenient” for any interloper. I have had an instance prior to setting this up in which I was away from the house with the system armed and someone broke into the house, opened the garage door, and made off with several items (TVs, tools, bicycles, etc) while exiting through the opened garage door. I of course realize that they could have used the emergency release (they did not, they just opened the door with the manual momentary contact button) but this could have slowed them down a bit. We now also have an electrical lock/latch that mechanically keeps the garage door from being opened when the security system is armed as well.

Another thing I did, similar to your rationale for getting off the normal garage door RF controller, was to use a NFC tag in the car. When the garage door is opened in this way, my system is set up to automatically disarm the security system when returning home. This way, you do not have to rush out of your car to enter a disarm code and can minimize the length of your entry time delay through entry ways (this minimizes the time delay during which someone can enter your home through a normal time delay entry door prior to the alarm siren sounding). This also prevents anyone from stealing your conventional garage door remote from your car as the NFC tag can only be activated by your an authorized device such as your phone, or if you car is stolen, prevents someone from using the address on you vehicle registration, coming to your residence and then entering easily through your garage door.

Also, you have probably already considered this but you can then also control any notifications indicating if your garage door has been opened or closed and for how long it has been left open.

Like you, I do not, nor plan to, incorporate actual automations incorporating my garage door (I don’t want any possible surprises with presence sensors going awry and unexpectedly leaving the garage door open, etc). That being said, there is still lots of stuff you can do once you start down the rabbit hole, lol. Your imagination is your only limitation. Good luck and have fun!


I've got a gate and two exterior motion sensors thrown in as well, along with the presence sensors. It's driving me crazy coming up with all scenarios in which it could f up. Every day it's something new. I'm thinking now, it wasn't worth all the effort. Simple can be better.

Thanks for the input. I don't have a security system other than a few Ubiquiti/UniFi cameras, so I don't have to adapt for that. I ride my motorcycle as often as I drive my car (I drive when I must and ride the rest of the time) so the remote stays with me, not any vehicle. I considered an automation to close the door if it were open for more than 10 minutes between 7 - 9 AM on weekdays, but ruled that out because there will be exceptions. Holidays, vacation days when I'm working in the yard, etc. Instead I will have an automation where I'm notified if the door is open for more than 10 minutes. That pretty much covers what I'm trying to do, which is 'don't forget to close the door'. Thanks again. -Tim

Simplist is zen 16 or 17, depending on the model of GDO you may need a security 2.0 to dry contact adapter. Instead of the tailwind, I would use an ecolink tilt sensor.

Thanks. I considered the Ecolink but don't see any advantages it has over a wired magnetic sensor, and the Tailwind is on sale for $10, including 25 ft of cable.

Can you explain more about the security 2 to dry contact adapter? This is the first I've heard of it. -Tim

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If you have a yellow button on the GDO (indicating a Security+ 2.0 system), you'll need a Garadget too.

I'm a huge fan of using one or two reed sensors instead of a tilt sensor -- it's one less device (and battery!) to worry about, and the reed sensor(s) are super simple to integrate to the Zen17. My reed sensors have never given me an issue or a bad reading. I just use basic Honeywell reed sensors, but the Tailgate ones look nice & burly. I wouldn't pay $25 for that, but $10 ain't too bad!


You can check to see if your garage door opener can be operated by shorting out the wires going to the wall switch (i.e. simple pushbutton).

Oh, it's definitly a simple pushbutton. Thanks. I see now that I don't need the adapter. -Tim

GD schematic

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Thanks. I assume you use 2 sensors to show if the door is fully open/closed by placing 1 at each end of the door's travel? If both sensors show open for longer than the door takes to open/close, then it's stuck partially open, right?


You need to short the wires. Even the security 2.0 units are basic 2 wire but the switch does the decoding. Tap the two wires together without the switch. If it works then you don't need it.

Yep, exactly! Just one sensor for fully closed is good enough, but I just have one door so I figured why not use both available sensor slots on the Z17? I like the additional peace-of-mind, and wiring up 2 sensors really wasn't much more work than doing just one once you get into it.


Got it. Thanks. -Tim

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Looks like. :smiley:

Yup, that's my OHD, complete with shiny metal case with a hole for the radio antenna. And that 1968-77 timeframe seems right. I originally said it was 1990's but I now remember that it was my water heater which was '90's vintage, which I've since replaced with an outdoor tankless heater. That was a fun project! This house is nearly 150 years old and is full of fun projects. -Tim

Update: Success! I installed the Zooz Zen17, connecting Relay 1 NO & C to the GD wall switch (button) terminals. I installed the Tailwinds magnetic thingy and connected it's leads to dry contact switch for Relay 2 on the Zen 17. I set up a basic rule for when I hold button 1 on my Fibaro keyfob, toggle Relay 1. I set up a notification rule for when relay switch 2 is off for 3 minutes, send a text notification.

Thanks everyone for your help. -Tim

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