Garage Door closer if left open too long

I have a rule that sends notifications to a pushover address when the door opens. I am monitoring with a contact. What I want to do is automagically close the door after Xminutes Would I be better off using a separate rule or adding to my existing rule? Not sure which would be best or how to do it.


The "best" way is whatever works for you.

Right now, I have the equivalent setup using two rules. One to announce via Google Home broadcast that the door is opening, and another to auto-close after 10 minutes of being left open.

If you like your rule list clean and tidy, you could combine into one. Otherwise, it's easy to temporarily disable just one by having them split.

It's all up to your priorities. Have fun.

One rule:
Trigger: Garage Door Changes
IF Garage Door Open
Delay 15 minutes (cancel)
Close garage door (cancel)
Cancel Delayed Actions

Thanks didymus

Where and how do you use the if, then logic? I understand what you are saying just not seeing where I would implement that

It is in Rule Machine 4.0.

Thanks Dan I see how it goes now.

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